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Seven Oaks School Division
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Oct 22, 2018
School Day 4
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Walk a Mile in Our Moccasins

​Seven Oaks School Division is inviting families, neighbours, and staff to join in a dynamic and creative experience related to the work of The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).  The experience seeks to engage parents, staff, students and community in truth telling sessions that will lead up to the Canada 150 celebration on June 8th, 2017. These sessions create an opportunity for community to learn about Canada’s history as it pertains to Indigenous peoples. Participation will leave with an increased understanding of the concept, “We Are All Treaty People”, and better understand the need for Truth and Reconciliation.

As part of our Canada 150 celebration we invite you to participate in this learning opportunity that aims to strengthen community relations.

The session is about 1.5 hours to run.

Session Information

​Session Number​Time​Location​Contacts​Register
​Session 1
March 23
​Margaret Park

​Ross Meacham (MP Principal)
Tanis Nichibata-Chan (MP VP)

Jane Romio (EP Principal)
Elliot Macdonald (EP VP)

Karen Hiscott (Governor Semple Principal)

Carol Sawka (RFM Principal)
Sari Rosenberg (RFM VP)

​MP - 204-338-9384

EP - 204-339-9889

GS - 204-339-7112

RFM - 204-338-7804

​Session 2
April 4

​Fatumah Mbabaali (Collicutt Principal)

Susan Kurbis (HCA VP)

David Ingram ( Forest Park Principal)

​Collicutt - 204-338-7937

HCS - 204-334-4391

FP - 204-338-9341

​Session 3
April 11
Garden City Collegiate​

​Tony Kreml (GC Principal)

Peter Krahn (WK VP)

​GC - 204-339-2058

WK - 204-339-6959

​Session 4
April 12
O.V. Jewitt​​Beth Heimbecker (OVJ Principal)
Harpreet Panag (OVJ VP)
Manoj Nowrang (OVJ VP)
​OVJ - 204-633-1714
​Session 5
April 20
Amber Trails​​Lorelei Bunkowsky (AT Principal)
Jeff Anderson (AT VP)
Howard Ryant (AT VP)
​AT - 204-697-5965
​Session 6​April 27
​Manitoba Conservation​Rebecca Chartrand​SOSD - 204-296-3652
​Session 7​April 27
​Session 8
May 2

​Kirk Baldwin (ESOMS Principal)
Crystal Hansen (ESOMS VP)

Melissa Delaronde (Victory Principal)
Tanya Kohut (Victory VP)

ESOMS - ​204-586-0327

Victory - 204-586-9716

Session 9
May 17
A.E. Wright​​Anna Mangano (AEW Principal)
Mark Gilchrist (AEW VP)
​AEW - 204-632-6314
​​Session 10TBA​​TBA

​Nancy Janelle (SO Met Principal)

Matt Henderson (Maples Met Principal)

Sherri Denysuik (Maples VP)

Bobbi-Lynn Haegeman (Elwick Principal)

​​SOMet - 204-336-5050

Maples Met - 204-632-6641

Maples - 204-632-6641

Elwick - 204-633-5641


This project is funded by the Government of Canada.


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Seven Oaks School Division

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