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Seven Oaks School Division
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May 26, 2019
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Basic Information

In January of 2002, the Seven Oaks School Division initiated an exciting program geared towards middle year students in grades 6 – 8.  EDGE (Extended Day Growth Education) was designed to offer students activities they can participate in directly after school.

This program fills the gap between school dismissal and the supper hour.  Many students at this age are too old for a day care program, yet too young to possibly be at home by themselves.  Long-term goals are to diminish the amount of students who are home alone and to possibly curb less desirable ways for filling this time.  EDGE provides a safe, entertaining and educational alternative for both the students and the parents.

The EDGE programming mandate is to provide courses in all areas of extended education and utilizes a large cross-section of choices and experiences.  This included learning new skills that may spark the beginning of a career choice or hobby.  Courses offer growth in imagination, creativity, intellectual and physical abilities.  The program is designed to run during the days of the school week, directly after classes.

EDGE continually looks for innovative programs and instructors.  The objective is to enlist those who are primarily interested in youth growth education.  Best of all, students may join as many of the programs of their choice in each session.

EDGE program start times vary dependent upon school dismissal times.  All programs are available on in-service days other than SAGE days.