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Mar 22, 2019
School Day 6
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Courses for the Winter 2019 Session

(Courses vary by school, please check booklet for location)

Babysitter Certificate Course

EDGE offers the opportunity to take the Babysitter Certificate Course at school. This course will include basic child care, first aid, home and fire safety plus helpful hints to becoming a good babysitter. You will be required to complete all the assignments, volunteer babysitting and pass the course test to receive your certificate. Attendance is mandatory to complete all the work. Please ensure you are able to commit the time to successfully finish the course.
NOTE: You must turn 12 years old before the end of the course.


*Returning!* Badminton Games

WATCH THE BIRDIE! What a fun sport this is! You can play it inside or outside - as long as it's not too windy! Join your instructors who will organize your games and teach you the rule.  Have fun and enjoy light competition with your friends. What a better way to spend a cold winter after school day than playing this fun game!

Baked Delights

There is no better smell than something baking in the oven! In this course we will make treats that are not only delicious but look good too.  Food is not just for the taste buds but for the eyes as well.  Make the treats and decorate them too! Learn new techniques and how to avoid common baking mistakes.  Bake cookies, cupcakes, cake-pops, pies, cheesecakes, pastries and more! Become a wonderful baker today!


*NEW!* Basketball Bkills

FUN FOR EVERYONE! HEAR THE SWOOSH!  Here is a great way to have fun with friends playing a game of 3 on 3! Your instructors will work on the skills of the game and teach you the rules if you do not know them already.  Enjoy games and small tournaments that you can challenge your friends to.  Come out and shoot a few hoops with EDGE today!

*Returning!*  Computer Skills

Learn how to navigate different computer programs! Sometimes working on a project for school seems like a tough go when you are not sure of how to make use of tools available.  This class will take the mystery out of a lot of the basic programs.  Learn how to use Excel and do a spread sheet of your science data, or show your project with a variety of charts.  Learn how to use Microsoft Office and master a PowerPoint presentation!  This is a fun class where you can try all of the different programs - make a presentation to show your family.  It is also one of the best places to ASK QUESTIONS... come out and give it a try!


Cooking Creations

Learn how to cook dishes that delight your taste-buds! Impress your friends and family with what you can make.  Follow a recipe or create one yourself!  You can even bring in a recipe or culinary idea to make with the class.  Explore flavors and ingredients - see how they work together to make delicious food.  Savory​, sweet, sour, spicy and more! Discover techniques that will help you around the kitchen.  Become a potential master-chef!


Crafter's Corner

DREAM IT, MAKE IT! Here is a class where you can really let your imagination and creativity take a path to making some really awesome stuff! What type of crafts do you like to do? Is it painting and decorating a bird house? Making glow jars? Work along with your instructor to research and try out some great ideas on Pinterest! Come out and have fun getting creative in this class! Supplies included.

*Returns!!*  Crochet Craft

Come out and join our club! Learn to hook your way into a Granny Square tote or a cool scarf! This activity is a great hobby with results you can wear! Learn how to chain, single crochet and double crochet - the beginning stitches of any great crochet project.  This is a craft worth sharing with your whole family - fun for boys and girls.  Yarn and hook included for your first project.


**NEW!!*  Cultural Crafting

DO YOU ENJOY CRAFTS WITH A TWIST - Try something new! This course offers you the opportunity to explore crafts from different cultures.  There are many creative crafts from Henna Tattoos or making dream catchers and more!  Maybe you have a cultural craft to share with this group.  Maybe its egg decorating! Come out - try some new types of crafts to take home to share with your family at the same time learn about how these crafts play a role in each culture! Bring your friends and come on out!


*Returning!*  Embroidery Needle Craft

A VERY CREATIVE CRAFT!  Students will learn to do a variety of traditionalembroidery stitches e.g. chain stitch, cross stitch, stem stitch, French knots and more!  We will explore stitching with several fibres including cotton floss, pearl cotton and crewel wool, and produce a sampler suitable for framing.  Use corss stitch or Nyszynka stitch and flat stitch to make a Ukrainian embroidered bookmark.  Embroider a valentine design including beads and use it for a card insert or a scented sachet.  Learn hoe to add a modern twist to your stitches by applying them to denim or fleece wearables.  Instruction will be provided at a beginner level for which no previous experience is required.  Come out and learn about how embroidery can enhance almost anything!


*NEW!!*  FUN Fitness

FUN FOR EVERYONE!  Get fit, have fun, play games.  If you enjoy sports and whether you are part of a team or do an individual sport, this class will be fun.  This program offers you a way to enhance your passion or just help you to have fun and keep fit!  Join with your friends and do exercises and games that help you get in shape or keep the shape your already have while having FUN!  Join this group today!


Hip Hop Dance
DANCE THE CLASS AWAY!   Motion and music – a great way to have fun, get fit and enjoy music and movement with friends.  Learn the basic moves and the newest steps.  Your instructor will choreograph a great dance sequence for the group and you can also try your hand at it too! Dance is universal like music - everyone can join and enjoy together.

  *NEW!* Legal Beagles

Learn about the rule of law. Law and Order right in your own school.  This course offers some basic legal beginnings.  Learn about laws - why we have them and penalties to those who break them.  Participate in a fun  Mock Court, where you can try a crime and be part of the jury, judge, prosecutor or defender - or maybe be the accused! Join our instructor and learn about our legal system and how it protects you, your family and our community.


Math Busters

Do you enjoy math or simply dread it? This course offers assistance in both cases. Your instructor will help you understand the math you struggle with or give you challenges on advanced math for your grade. This course also offers fun math games and puzzles for some light-hearted math play.


*NEW!!*  Russian Language

How great is it to learn a new language? This program also gives you a chance to learn about Russian culture.  This EDGE program includes studying the Russian language through different games, sentence building activities, poetry and puzzles.  This program will improve skills in everyday conversation, readying, writing and grammar.  It will also acquaint you with Russian poets and writers.


 *NEW!!* Super Science!

Do you have an interest in learning about the Earth, its climate, its plants and animals. Do you have a curiosity about how the human body works.  If you do, come and join Super Science after school to learn more about it all! Join today to make new friends, learn about the universe at a scientific level, and experience hands on science experiments and activities.  Most of all come out and have fun while learning about the world around you and join us with your friends!


*Favorite!* Teen Club

Your community needs your help and involvement. The EDGE Teen Club strives to provide a fun learning environment for a community service. Plan a fund raiser to collect funds for donation, or gather items needed for a local charity. Collect books and puzzles for daycares or senior residences. Instructors will help guide you through the complete planning, implementation of your project, right through to writing your letter of donation. Join us today for a caring neighborhood effort to help those in need.