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Seven Oaks School Division
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Jan 18, 2018
School Day 3
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Courses for the WINTER 2018 Session

(Courses vary by school)

Babysitter Certificate Course

EDGE offers the opportunity to take the Babysitter Certificate Course at school. This course will include basic child care, first aid, home and fire safety plus helpful hints to becoming a good babysitter. You will be required to complete all the assignments, volunteer babysitting and pass the course test to receive your certificate. Attendance is mandatory to complete all the work. Please ensure you are able to commit the time to successfully finish the course.
NOTE: You must turn 12 years old before the end of the course.

Badminton Games

WATCH THE BIRDIE!What a fun sport this is! You can play it inside or out! Join your instructor who will organize games and teach the rules. Have fun and enjoy light competition with your friends. What a great way to spend some healthy fitness fun!

Baked Delights

Join us for a fun filled course that is a baker’s delight! Make a variety of baked goods that everyone can enjoy. Even simple recipes like Rice Krispy Cake can be decorated and turned into a special treat. Try cookies, cupcakes and more in this sweet course

Cartoon and Anime Drawing

Star Wars! Pokemon! Characters from the movie Frozen! You can draw Olaf! This program along with our Mr. E. will be fun and full of helpful hints to assist you with improving your drawing talent. With years of experience he can help you draw your favorite characters or learn to draw new ones. Darth Vader, C3P0, R2D2, plus your favorite Pokemon characters and more! Join us today for fun and creativity!

Cartoon Strip Drawing
DRAW IT AND FILL IN THE JOKES!!! Garfield better watch out!  If you enjoy reading comics and like to draw and write your own captions, this is the class for you!  In this program you will learn how to create your own characters and be able to re-draw them in each frame to build your strip, then outline your story or joke to fill in the blanks!

Cook & Bake Combo

If you like to cook and you like to bake – join this course where you get to do both! Make a simple meal and top it off with a great dessert! Try a taco recipe topped off with a chocolate cupcake. Learn the technique of planning a complete meal from dinner to dessert here.

Cooking Creations

If you like to cook – join us for a delicious course that offers you skill plus great tasting food. Learn how to make simple meals that you can prepare at home for your family. Kitchen clean up and kitchen safety is included in the course along with some great recipes. You can even bring a recipe from home to share with your group.

Crafter's Corner

DREAM IT, MAKE IT! Here is a class where you can really let your imagination and creativity take a path to making some really awesome stuff! What type of crafts do you like to do? Is it painting and decorating a bird house? Making glow jars? Work along with your instructor to research and try out some great ideas on Pinterest! Come out and have fun getting creative in this class! Supplies included.

Filipino Language and Culture

How many of your friends speak another language? How many of would like to be able to join in? This class offers you the chance to learn about a different culture and its geography plus learning to speak and read some of the basics of Tagalog. This is a great way to expand your knowledge both in language and geography and culture. Join up with your friends today!

Hip Hop Dance
DANCE THE CLASS AWAY!   Motion and music – a great way to have fun, get fit and enjoy music and movement with friends.  Learn the basic moves and the newest steps.  Your instructor will choreograph a great dance sequence for the group and you can also try your hand at it too! Dance is universal like music - everyone can join and enjoy together.
Homework Helper
​​Homework doesn’t have to be a chore when you learn good habits. Learn how to organize your work and complete assignments with the help of your instructor. Learn study tips on how to prepare for that next test. Complete that project assignment here! Good study skills will help you through all your school years.

Jazz & Contemporary Dance

Within this course we will be doing a variety of different dance styles including hip hop, jazz and contemporary. You will learn a number of cool dance moves, tricks and proper dance techniques. Along with the above, as a group we will work on a number of different combinations. This class is a great fit both for beginners and for those with experience. Hope to see you there!

Math Busters

Do you enjoy math or simply dread it? This course offers assistance in both cases. Your instructor will help you understand the math you struggle with or give you challenges on advanced math for your grade. This course also offers fun math games and puzzles for some light-hearted math play.

Nail Art

Here comes fashion and art all in one class. Your nail polish can be the best fashion accessory. Are you getting ready for a special event like a party or wedding? Are you already pre-planning for your grade 8 grad? You can bring your artistic talents to the class and help design your own nail art and help your friends too! Now with all the great colours of polish and designs that can be made, you can create those special designs that say “this is me!”

Needlework Craft!
A VERY CREATIVE CRAFT! Students will learn to do a variety of embroidery stitches e.g. chain stitch, cross stitch, stem stitch, French knots and more! Their skills will be used to produce several projects like bookmarks, greeting card inserts, a snowman, snowflakes and a spring holiday project. Students will apply their knowledge to design and stitch a needle book cover or they can use a design provided. Instruction will be at a beginner level; therefore no previous experience is required!
* New! * Sci-Guys!

New course for those who love to experiment! This course will cover plant science material science, physical science, social science, chemical science, computer science, food science, and forensic science! Make compost, bouncy/stress balls, lava lamps, scented bath bombs, hour of code, candy crystals, brown sugar ice cream and DNA, acid and base secret messages! Join today for some great science which also includes mini activities and science discussions if there is time with all the fun!

Sew inspired

WOULD YOU LIKE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT SEWING OR ALREADY KNOW HOW AND WANT TO DO MORE? Maybe you would like to make a pair of pajama pants, pillow or a book bag! This class offers you the opportunity to try your hand at designing your hand made project! Join this class and learn about sewing in a fun filled class with your instructor. Learn about choosing patterns and the right materials to make your own clothes!

Sketching & Drawing
LEARNING DETAILS AND PERSPECTIVE, TOOLS FOR THE ARTIST. Learn to draw and sketch better, easier! See how to break down objects into simple shapes. You’ll learn to draw more accurately, quicker and have more fun doing it! Draw still life, faces, animals and more. This class is a fun and creative way to expand your artistic talents. Come out and join us today.

Teen Club

Your community needs your help and involvement. The EDGE Teen Club strives to provide a fun learning environment for a community service. Plan a fund raiser to collect funds for donation, or gather items needed for a local charity. Collect books and puzzles for daycares or senior residences. Instructors will help guide you through the complete planning, implementation of your project, right through to writing your letter of donation. Join us today for a caring neighborhood effort to help those in need.



7Oaks School Division

Seven Oaks School Division

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