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Apr 22, 2019
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Linking a Child
Please select the blue registration button once you have read all the instructions.

Remember to verify you are registering your child and not the guardian!


** LINK CHILDREN TO YOUR ACCOUNT – This needs to be done in order to register your child


1.  Click on the big blue button that says "CLICK HERE TO REGISTER"

2.  Select the green "Sign In"  button

3.  Enter Parent/Guardian Email address

4.  Enter Parent/Guardian Password

5.  Click on "Sign In"  button

6.  Check off Parent Name from list

7.  Click on "My Account"  (top right corner of screen)

8.  Click on "Edit My Account"

9.  Click on Add new name to this account - linked account  button (top right hand side)
Add to Account button

    1. Enter CHILD First Name
    2. Enter CHILD Last Name
    3. Enter CHILD Address
    4. Enter CHILD Postal Code
    5. Enter PARENT/GUARDIAN Email address   NOTE: You must enter the same email as you entered in Step 1e.
    6. Enter PARENT/GUARDIAN Phone Number
    7. Ensure Subscribe to Email  has a check mark
    8. Enter PARENT/GUARDIAN Password NOTE: You must enter the same password used to create your original account.
    9. Enter CHILD Birth Year
    10. Check Update ALL Linked Accounts
    11. Click Save
      You will now see the child’s name listed to the left of screen

 You are now ready to register your child for a course.



1.  Select My Account > Linked Accounts and check the appropriate child to register
My Account tab

2.  Click on All Courses to see all courses available for registering
All Courses tab

3.  You can now click on View/Register for the course that you are interested in (remember you can also select the Next Page and Previous Page for more courses)
View Register button.jpg

4.  You will have the chance to view all the information for this course.  This details all the dates that the course takes place so it would be a good idea to print this information.  Then either click Back to return to the course list OR click Register to register your child for the course

5.  Once you click Register, it will show you the details of who you are registering, address information, email information, course fee amount and pay amount

6.  If you are going to pay with Cash or Cheque please select $0.00 Now; $5.00 Pay at School
Pay Amount field

NOTE: Your child is not registered until payment is received. For immediate registration please leave the Pay Amount equal to the Course Fee Amount and proceed to secure online credit card payment.

7.  Click Cancel to return to the previous page where you can view and/or register for courses OR click Pay & Register to proceed with the registration

8.  Read the Important note and the Privacy and Payment information and click Secure Payment Online – Click to Proceed
Secure Pay button

9.  Enter the Cardholder Name, Card Number and Expiry Date

10.  Click Process Transaction to proceed or click Cancel Transaction to return to the All Courses page.  NOTE: If you select Cancel Transaction your child will not be registered and your credit card will not be charged

11.  Receipt is now available to print by clicking on Print a Receipt button.  Then click on Done - Close Payment to return to the All Courses page.

 Register Now.jpg

If you experience any issues with your child’s registration please contact Penny Raymond at 204-227-7136 or via email at