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Apr 22, 2019
School Day 3
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Unlinking a Child
Please select the blue registration button once you have read all the instructions.

Remember to verify you are registering your child and not the guardian!



1.  Click on the big blue button that says "CLICK HERE TO REGISTER"

2.  Select the green "Sign In"  button

3.  Enter Parent/Guardian Email address

4.  Enter Parent/Guardian Password

5.  Click on "Sign In"  button

6.  Check off Parent Name from list

7.  Click on "My Account" (top right-hand side of screen)

8.  Click on "Edit My Account"

9.  Select the name of account you would like to unlink.  It will then show up on the left hand-side.

10.  Change the password of that account

11. Uncheck the "Update ALL Linked Accounts" check box

12.  Click on "Save"

A message will appear in red saying "Update Successful" .

 Register Now.jpg