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830 Powers Street, Winnipeg, MB, R2V 4E7| Phone: (204) 586-8061| Fax: (204) 589-2504
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Seven Oaks School Division
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Please contact the school nearest you from the list below for further details. Each school has its Community Coordinator listed as the contact person.
1520 Jefferson Ave.204-632-6314
525 Belmont Ave.204-338-7893
75 Cottingham St.204-338-7937
25 Anglia Ave.204-694-8688
70 Doubleday Dr.204-633-8870
123 Red River Blvd. W.204-334-8417
30 Maberley Rd.204-633-5641
130 Forest Park Dr.204-338-9341
150 Hartford Ave.204-339-7112
385 Cork Ave.204-338-9384
66 Neville St.204-633-1714
25 Morrison St.204-338-7804
395 Jefferson Ave.204-586-9716
3740 Main St.204-339-1964
1575 Templeton Ave.204-697-5965
55 Swinford Way204-697-5962