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Jun 02, 2020
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Earth Day Summits 2009

In the spring of 2010, each of our families of schools hosted an environmental summit on Earth Day.  A variety of activities including video creations, "junk" art, nature walks and book making were featured.

Earth Day Summits engaged a wide range of Seven Oaks participants.

MET School Walked for Water on Earth Day... click here to see.

Maples Area GENGREEN Summit...Students, school staff and trustees from our Maples area schools met for an exciting morning of exploration around the theme of being environmentally responsible. GENGREEN pointed participants to the fact that we all have a role to play in taking care of our schools, community and planet. The focus was to go public with these ideas and the medium we chose was to begin creating public service video announcements. Summit leaders introduced us to examples of videos from across Canada, the United States and from our very own Elwick Community School where students and staff just completed an excellent series of short films and ads related to the environment. School teams began brainstorming and planning for their own video. We hope to offer a video editing workshop in June and combine each school's video into a DVD that can be featured at the next SEVEN OAKS UNITE TO CHANGE CONFERENCE, Oct. 21st, 2010.

 From a student...

  I learned this morning about  the lifespan of plastic bottles. We all gathered together for Earthday to see how and what we can do to help the planet. Kids from different schools came to see what we can do. First we watched videos and commercials made by children our age and younger. Elwick also had their batch of videos put together with a bit of comedy. Later, after we watched all the vidos, we got together in groups and started to brainstorm ideas for a video our school is making. I also learned that batteries are recyclable.


 Imagining a Public Service Video

 Summit Participants

 Vermi Composting Banana Peels