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Adult Education Centres (AEC) Inc
Dec 10, 2018
School Day 3
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Chemistry 30S

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Note: This course will be taught at West Kildonan Collegiate, 101 Ridgecrest Avenue. View Map.


Prerequisite required: Strong math skills
Prerequisite recommended: Introduction to Applied and Pre-Calculus Math 20S


Topics include:

    • Atoms
    • Ions
    • Periodic table
    • Writing and naming chemical formulas
    • Balancing and identifying chemical reaction equations

It will also include a basic understanding of the mole concept, stoichiometry and limiting reactants, solutions, gases and organic chemistry.

7Oaks School Division

Adult Education Centres (AEC) Inc

1240 Main Street,
Winnipeg, MB, R2W 3S9
Fax: 204-953-0819