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Collège Garden City Collegiate

​​​​​​​​​​​​​year bubble.PNGFundraising at GC

Our final campaign starts on Tuesday, April 9th!

Current Fundraiser:

#5  Worlds Finest Chocolate Almonds & Laura Secord Assorted Chocolates

(nut free)


April 9th to April 23rd 

​Chocolate cases contain 30 - $3 items

(bars or boxes depending on the type)

40% Student Profit ($1.20/$3 box or bar sold) ​


NOTE: BoosterJuice Coupons still available

As a result of their delayed arrival, I have kept this fundraiser open.  If you would like to continue, or try your hand at, selling the Booster Juice Coupons see Mrs Lubkey in Rm209W while supplies last.

BoosterJuice​Coupons sell for $5.50 and student profit is $1.25/ coupon.  Coupons never expire and can be used anywhere in Canada.

2018-2019 Fundraising Line-Up

​​​​​​2018-2019 Line Up Brochure.pdf

Booster Juice Order Forms

Booster Juice Smoothie Coupons Order form2019.pdf


Unfortunately, students are still unable to view their individual profits online.  Our computer-savy Gophers are working on the possibilities to bring back this option!  

In the interim, if you would like to 

  • check on the balance of your fundraising account     or 
  • transfer funds to pay for the upcoming band trip, team fees or GopherHole purchases   or 
  • request a reimbursement for fees paid directly to source (ie. 2019 Europe trip payments, Grad or school photo sitting fees and packages)

please call, email or come in and see Mrs Lubkey.

​Lubkey's contact information:

Phone:  (204) 339-2058 ext 10257


​Classroom:  Rm209W (Physics Room)


Who can participate in these fundraisers?

  • ALL GC students.
  • Every participating student has an individual account.  


What can I use my fundraising profits for?

Use your profits to pay for 

  • Schoo​​​l trips & activities
  • Athletic fees & tournaments
  • Grad Wear, Grad Photos & Dinner-Dance Tickets
  • GC gear sold in the Gopher Hole 
  • Clear up any school debts (lost textbooks, music cds or library books)

How do I get involved?
1. Check out the fundraising line-up posted on the bulletin board outside of the Physics Room  (Rm209W) or our webpage on the school website.


 2. Choose the campaigns you’d like to participate in & pick up the items/ order forms from Mrs Lubkey in Rm209W at the posted start date.  Some campaigns will have order forms or copies of the fundraiser information that you can download from this site.




 4. Return your orders/ payments to Mrs Lubkey by the campaign’s end date.