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O.V. Jewitt Community School
Jan 27, 2020
School Day 3
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BEEP - Balanced Experiential Education Program

Seven Oaks School Division is committed to a summer learning experience for students at O.V. Jewitt Community School.

BEEP (Balanced Experiential Education Program) is designed to provide quality learning opportunities to enrich the summer experiences of O.V. Jewitt students.

Running from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm daily for six weeks in July and August, BEEP includes a Breakfast Program, fun activities, sports instruction, music and art, and weekly outings.

BEEP is an activity-based program that infuses literacy and numeracy into daily activities.

The BEEP program also focuses on infusing perspectives of Aboriginal life and culture into students' daily experiences.

Click here to visit our website for more details on the program.