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École Seven Oaks Middle School
Apr 07, 2020
School Day 6
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Lunch Clubs

Power Positif – a body positive project


This is a project funded by United Way and presented by Women’s Health Clinic of Winnipeg.

Who we are:  we are a group of peer leaders combined with six staff members.  We are trained to have a voice to support a body positive atmosphere in our school community.

What we do:  We meet every Thursday at lunch.  These meetings consist of learning about teamwork, communication, leadership and various educational topics.


These educational topics are:

  • Love your body – body positive
  • Lgbtt+ = gender awareness
  • Aids awareness – sexual awareness
  • Anti-bullying
  • Self Compassion
  • International Women’s Day
  • Diversity awareness – consent communication
  • Mental health awareness – mental health
  • Media awareness


Pow Wow Club

The ESOMS Pow Wow Club meets once a week during lunch hour.  With the help of experienced instructors from the community, students learn Indigenous teachings related to Pow Wow and certain Pow Wow protocols (how a Pow Wow is run). Students have the opportunity to design their own regalia while learning the various dance styles including Jingle and Fancy Shawl for girls and Grass and Traditional for boys. Students will perform in the Seven Oaks Graduation Pow Wow, where they will be honoured as new Seven Oaks Pow Wow dancers.  This club is open to all students.