What about University Entrance & Post-Secondary?

Does the Met School offer University entrance courses?

Yes.  Included in the 'Parent Information Package' are lists of approved courses for the University of Winnipeg, the University of Manitoba and Red River College.  Met School students are not only able to gain credit in these courses but are also expected to apply and be accepted at a university or college as part of their Grade 12 requirements. 

Will my child be prepared for university?

Yes. Your child will graduate with a Manitoba Diploma and will be provided with a standard transcript at the end of Grade 12 listing all high school credits with a percentage grade.  Not only will your child be academically prepared for post-secondary education, he or she will also have strengthened his/her organizational skills, presentation skills, professional workplace experiences and will have had many opportunities to explore post-secondary programs available to them.   

What about Graduation?

Met School has its own celebration for our graduates, their families and fellow students.