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Booking Information

​​​​​​SOPAC is available for everyone to book!

Since we are a school division facility, we do give first rights of refusal to our schools.   Any of our schools, and other institutions can book through the online form, and will be placed in the calendar if possible.  For dates in the following school year, requests should be made in the month of MAY.   The calendar closes  May 31  as dates are being planned, and will be made public in early June. 

Here is the booking form link:        BOOKING FORM

For community users:

Plesae fill out ALL information on the booking form.  We can't take booking requests by phone, email or in person, the online form is the only acceptable method.  Please note, filling out the form does NOT gaurantee your date.  You will receive an email within a few business days with either a confirmation or in some instances, a date not available. We can't book dates beyond the school year. If your event is a year or more away, please call to discuss.

May, and June are VERY busy months for the theatre, and predominantly only weekends will be available for the public.   We apologize, we can't accommodate every request.

Why your date may not be available:

  • Schools have booked it already.
  • It's during our school season, but we haven't closed our booking yet. ( May 31, is the final deadline for schools)
  • It's a long weekend, or holiday.
  • There are multiple community groups wanting the same date, in which case a draw will be made, it is not first come first serve

To find out if a date is available before you book:

See the  EVENTS CALENDAR  to see what is booked.  It is updated EVERY week and acurate until July.

The yearly school update happens in ​early June. All dates are free for all after that.

School booking procedure:

The booking procedure is available on the 7 oaks portal, staff please log in to see the details of that.  There will be a reminder email with the updated priority years sent out in April.  We do still recommend talking with the other performing arts teachers and trying as best as possible to prevent overlaps in productions.

​Copyright in Live Performances:

There are rules, regulations, and fees for copyright material in live performance situations.  SOPAC as a event facilty has been charged with collecting and remitting on behalf of SOCAN and Re:Sound,  fees based on specific tarriffs.  Your fees will be added to your contract and are not negotiable.   School events are covered under the agreement already in place with SOCAN, and do not require additional collection.  An average dance recital for an outside of 7Oaks group is $133.11 as an example.​