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Dec 04, 2020
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Seven Oaks Student Film Festival

On May 22nd, the 7th annual 7 Oaks Student Film Festival will be going online with a dedicated 7 Oaks Student Film Festival Youtube channel.

This year we will be presenting films from Ecole Leila North, Oak Park High School, West St Paul School, Kelvin High School, Argyle High School, Maples Met School, Seven Oaks Met School, Maples Collegiate and Garden City Collegiate with possibly more to come.

Due to COVID-19, the submissions are not as extensive as in the past, but we are very happy to be presenting such a diverse and strong group of films.

We wish to thank the participating students for their excellent work, the participating teachers for making films with their students! and the 7 Oaks School Division for its continuing commitment to arts-in-education. Full steam ahead!


7 Oaks Student Film Festival Committee

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We are very happy to announce the 7th edition of the 7 Oaks Student Film Festival.

The 7 Oaks Student Film Festival is a celebration of student films from SOSD and from across the city and the province. Early, middle and senior years films are all accepted. This is not a juried festival, but rather a celebration of storytelling with film and, a celebration of classroom creativity. The festival will take place April 27 - 30 at Maples Collegiate. The students' films will also be screened, with parental consent, on Channel 7 Oaks (click here for the authorization form).
To register for the workshop and for more information about the 7 Oaks Student Film Festival, please contact Saul Henteleff at 204-632-6641 (63435) or email:


Schedule of Events

The film screenings for the 7 Oaks Student Film Festival will take place at the Maples Collegiate Theatre on the following dates:

  • Monday April 27 - 9:30 - 11:00 AM (Early & Middle Years)
  • Tuesday April 28 - 9:30 - 11:00 AM (Senior Years)
  • Wednesday April 29 - TBA
  • Thursday April 30 - TBA

Popcorn will be provided!

Planning to Attend?

If you are planning to attend the student film screenings, please contact Saul Henteleff at or 632-6641 ext 63435 at your earliest convenience since seating is limited.


Teacher Workshops

As in the past, the festival will also be offering teacher workshops in Filmmaking-in-the-Classroom. The workshop will take place at Maples Collegiate on February 21st from 9:00 - 3:30 for teachers wanting to learn or upgrade their writing, filming and/or editing skills for the classroom. This workshop will cover writing, filming and editing in the classroom.

To register for the workshop please contact Saul Henteleff at 204-632-6641 (63435) or email:



If you and/or your students are making TIK TOKS in you class or, if you would like to make TIK TOKS for the festival please take this opportunity to produce and submit as this will be a new category.

Submission Requirements

  1. Submission deadline is FRIDAY APRIL 24th.
    Teacher-assisted and student-made films only.
  2. Films must be in .mov, wmv or mp4 formats only. Pease deliver these to Saul Henteleff at Maples Collegiate on a flash drive.
  3. Only films with media release forms signed by parents and/or guardians will be broadcast on Channel 7 Oaks.
  4. Teachers planning to submit films to the 2020 SOSFF should contact Saul Henteleff by April 24th with a list of the films intended for screening. This will help facilitate the programming of the screenings.
  5. NB. Screening categories (G, PG, Mature) and screening times may be established depending on the films submitted.

The philosophy of the SOSFF festival is that student film is its own beast and student films should be seen by as many students and teachers as possible. Consequently, we don’t care too much about production values. That being said, the time you and your students spend obsessing and finessing is deeply respected and great to see. The goal however is to be as inclusive as possible. Thus, projects of all types, from all grade levels and in different stages of completion can be presented without concern. What is necessary however, is that at screening time, teachers and students present their projects - in whatever state - and they must also speak briefly about their projects and their objectives to the audience.


Any updates will be posted on the website. Please check back often!

Thanks very much and we look forward to seeing many great films and many great filmmakers from 7 Oaks and beyond at the 7 Oaks Student Film Festival (2020).

For more information about the 7 Oaks Student Film Festival please contact Saul Henteleff at 204-632-6641 (63435) or email:


Seven Oaks Student Film Festival Committee

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