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Jan 28, 2020
School Day 4
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Aviation Trades and Technology
​​Duration​Intake Dates​Work Practicum​Potential Credentials​Requirements
​1 year
(10 months of study)
(first semester)
​24-34 weeksApprenticeship Accredited Level 1 available

​Grade 11 completed for Grade 12 students

Grade 12 diploma for full-time students


Aviation Trades and Technology introduces you to your career in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering whether you choose repairing, overhauling or certifying aircrafts.

As with all Seven Oaks CVE programs, we provide technical training through in-class theory and work experience so you can learn by doing and through on-the-job training.


  • Completion of Grade 11 core courses
  • Participation in an interview
  • Completion of a CVE application including references or referrals
  • Presentation of a certified transcript of marks

Individuals who have completed Grade 12 are an adult learner or reside outside the division are encouraged to submit an application.

The 34 week course is a combination of in-class theory and on-the-job training and can be broken down as follows:

  • Weeks 1-5: In-class theory
  • Weeks 6-25: 1 day/week in class, 4 days/week on-site
  • Weeks 26-28: In-class instruction in applied math and physics
  • Weeks 39-30: On-site training and class theory at Stevenson Aviation College (Red River College) at James Richardson International Airport

Learning Includes:

  • How aircrafts fly, what they are made of and ​how they are build
  • How to control aircrafts in flight and on the ground
  • How jet and piston engines work
  • How to repair both engines and airframes
  • How to use hand tools and measuring devices
  • Basic applied math and physics
  • How to read drawings and blueprints
  • How to prepare for an apprenticeship

** Students will receive a free lesson in how to control an aircraft in flight. **

Upon course completion earn up to 8 high school credits and your first year apprenticeship level as an aircraft maintenance engineer.  You can continue to work in the trade while you attend Stevenson College for nine weeks each year for an additional three years to become a licensed engineer who is able to repair, overhaul and certify that an aircraft is safe to fly.

The course is fully accredited with Transport Canada, Red River College/Stevenson, Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council and Apprenticeship Manitoba.

** A registration fee may apply. **