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Dec 03, 2020
School Day 4
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Manitoba 150: Thinking Historically




​The Manitoba 150: Thinking Historically is designed to offer a space for learners in Seven Oaks to think deeply about the past 150 years in our community. Each month, learners will be able to tackle significant issues related to our shared and contested history.


There are three parts to the Manitoba 150: Thinking Historically project:

1. Monthly Provocations

Every month, a council of historians will pose a question to our learners, asking them to use the six historical thinking skills to develop an argument and think about a specific issue, movement, or person in Manitoba's history. The English discussion can be found here and the French discussion can be located on the Radio-Canada website.

Council of Historians:

    • Cian T. McMahon, University of Nevada, Las Vegas​
    • Adele Perry, University of Manitoba
    • Niigaan Sinclair, University of Manitoba
    • Lindsay Gibson, University of British Columbia

2. Historical Significance Contest

Learners can submit a project by April 30th based on the following prompt:

What is a significant event(s) in Manitoba's History that all Manitobans should know about?

Middle Years essays will be 500 words (in French or English) and should be formatted in Chicago Style. Senior Years essays should be 1000 words (in French or English) and should use Chicago Style formatting. Essays should be submitted as a PDF to

Or if you’re not into essays, learners can also submit pieces of fiction, graphic novels, podcasts, animations, films, etc., which have a similar rigour and vigour to that of an essay. We want this to be as inclusive as possible and our goal is for learners to think about and communicate historical significance.

There will be book and cash prizes for first and second place winners in both French and English. All submissions will be housed on the 7oaks website for the public to see, so all projects should be digital in nature or digitized.

3. Exhibition of Learning at The Forks -- Commemoration 

On May 7th at the Forks, learners will be able to exhibit a demonstration of knowledge based on the following prompt:

​How Should Manitoba 150 be Commemorated?

Learners can create statues, plaques, dances, songs, books, pieces of art which seek to commemorate something in Manitoba history or which seeks to re-commemorate something that needs to be revised. (Think school name.) 

These pieces might be an extension of the Historical Significance project, or could be unique to the exhibition. 

To sign up your class for the exhibition on May 7th, please click here to register.