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Mar 23, 2023
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Treaty Education Training

​The Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba, in partnership with the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada, Manitoba Education, and the Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre, completed the K – 12 teacher resource packages and related teaching materials to:

      • Increase the knowledge and understanding of the Treaties and the Treaty Relationship among all students;
      • Ensure students understand the impact of the Treaties and the Treaty Relationship on the creation of Manitoba;
      • Build bridges between all peoples in order to strengthen our society and our prosperity.

Many of the schools within Seven Oaks School Division have one or more educators with Treaty Education Training.



Kelly @ Leila North

​I took the Treaty Education Training in January and have implemented it in my class. The class has really responded to it.

I came up with an idea that was well received and produced impressive artistic results. Each of my students created their own treaty medal with themselves shaking the heads of the first nation headsman.  Indicating a commitment to the treaty relationship that began 145 years ago. The inner ring includes symbols of the first nation culture and their culture of my students.  I have attached a few pictures of these projects.  Lots more are available if you would like to see them.  They will be displayed in our school during Leila North's upcoming Treaty Days.


​Jennilee @ Elwick

In my Grade 2/3 classroom, we have discussed the medallion and read the books The Handshake, The Friendship, and We Are All Treaty People. We have done a number of lessons from the Teacher Handbook that is part of the Treaty Kit. We have also created our own classroom treaty and done some research based on treaties, the history of treaties, and the relationships between the First Nations People and the Newcomers. As a school, we have had a week long Treaty Days celebration and are in the middle of planning our 2nd annual Treaty Days for this May.​


​Amy @ Maples Collegiate

I teach treaties in all of my high school courses at Maples Collegiate.  This work has included hosting speakers from TRCM as part of the Brown Bag Lunch series. The information that TRCM speakers have provided over the years have certainly enhanced my understanding and abilities to teach about treaties.​





John @ Amber Trails

I am a grade 1 and 2 teacher at Amber Trails School. I have done some stuff with treaties with my class. We made a classroom treaty & treaty medals and are going to have a treaty day celebration soon. We also have been doing some artwork around the 7 sacred teachings.​​

AT Rm111 Treaty.jpg​

Josh @ Margaret Park

Room 4 at Margaret Park has been singing O Canada in Cree most mornings, and we plan on doing the Blanket Activity (colonization simulation) right before Spring Break. We also have a classroom treaty (basically just a signed agreement about what each individual must do to make our classroom community work), and have discussed the different treaty areas on a map of Canada. Students know that we are in Treaty 1 territory.​


Reanna @ O.V. Jewitt​

I'm a grade 3/4 teacher at O.V. Jewitt. We have not begun Treaty Education but will begin next term as this term and last term we have been focusing on Aboriginal culture awareness and the seven teachings. I attended the Treaty Training last year and received a Treaty Education kit to help facilitate the lessons in the classroom. Next term we will be looking at the Treaty timelines that came in the kit and creating our own timelines of our lives highlighting the important events. We will be brainstorming what a treaty is and what it meant back 'then' and then creating our own treaty revolving around respect and friendship in the classroom. We will be acting out the play Kanikinik with the puppets provided after our brainstorm. We will be creating a question wall to help us research and investigate in order to answer these questions. I would also be asking an elder to come into the classroom.​