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Seven Oaks School Division
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Jan 18, 2021
School Day 2
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Citizen Science: iNaturalist uses citizen observations to contribute to biodiversity science. Citizen findings are shared with global and local scientific data repositories to help scientists find and use your data. Our Canadian repositories are: Canadian Wildlife Federation, Royal Ontario Museum, NatureServe Canada.

Citizen science opportunities, like this one, encourage people to document and share the life they encounter (ie: biodiversity data) so that we have a better sense of frequency and distribution of plants and animals in an ever-changing world.

Have a quick listen here to learn more:

CBC's Spark: How wildlife snapshots can map biodiversity

What are we observing and documenting?

On the 49 acres surrounding Ozhaawashkwaa Animikii-Bineshi Aki Onji Kinimaagae' Inun, there exists an walk through history. Along the Grassmere Road grows a remnant prairie:  a fragment of the original, or Indigenous, prairie. This is a relic of the pre-settlement grassland landscape.

We observe and document the Indigenous species of grasses, flowers (forbs) and shrubs that are growing in the remnant prairie. We also document other life forms that we see , like birds, insects, butterflies, mammals, and amphibians.

Follow us on iNaturalist to view our sightings!

Prairie Diversity 2.JPG