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École Rivière-Rouge
Mar 23, 2023
School Day 3
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​​Seven Oaks School Division believes that public schools exist to give every child a quality education. We work to make a positive difference to the lives and life prospects of each and every student.

Throughout the division, we see caring structures in place, including reduced or eliminated  cost barriers to full participation in our schools ​(including field trips, student fees, graduation fees, learn to swim, learn to skate, musical instrument rental fees, lunch supervision) and low cost school supplies.  At the beginning of the year, families are asked to pay $35.00 for each child in grades 1 though 5 and $30.00 for each child in kindergarten.  This fee covers school supplies, field trip fees, art supplies, etc. Families are encouraged to make their payment online through Parent Connect.

Grade 1 - Amani Koffi (2022-2023).pdf
Grade 1 - Carly Marquardson (2022-2023).pdf
Grade 1 - Nicole Alexander (2022-2023).pdf
Grade 1 - Nicole Lavallée (2022-2023).pdf
Grade 2 - Ashley Moura (2022-2023).pdf
Grade 2 - Eva Riddell (2022-2023).pdf
Grade 2 - Lindsay Ford (2022-2023).pdf
Grade 2 - Nicole Trottier (2022-2023).pdf
Grade 3 - Kristjanna Oleson (2022-2023).pdf
Grade 3 - Melissa Francis (2022-2023).pdf
Grade 3 - Sandra Smith 2022-2023).pdf
Grade 3 - Sara Ly (2022-2023).pdf
Grade 4 - Andréa Spencer (2022-2023).pdf
Grade 4 - Dominique Roche (2022-2023).pdf
Grade 4 - Heather Valdez (2022-2023).pdf
Grade 4 - Kayla Gagnon Wolfe (2022-2023).pdf
Grade 5 - Crystal Ringrach (2022-2023).pdf
Grade 5 - Jill Urbonas 2022-2023).pdf
Grade 5 - Meaghan Janssen (2022-2023).pdf
Kindergarten - Joëlle Le (2022-2023).pdf
Kindergarten - Sara Murray (2022-2023).pdf