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Oct 28, 2021
School Day 1
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Program Stats

​We’re all about stats and measures – and our program report card shows our hard work pays off.

  • We’ve served more than 1200 students

  • An average 98 students attends programming each evening (pre-covid)

  • At the end of Grade 9, 65% of our students are on track for graduation. 85% of Wayfinders participants graduate on time.

  • 85% of Wayfinders graduates transition to post-secondary education after high-school.

  • Each year we offer more than 1,000 small-group mentorship opportunities and nearly 200 community service, post-secondary and career exploration experiences for our kids

  • Healthy living is a priority:

    • Our students regularly  visit the Seven Oaks General Hospital Wellness Institute

    • 120 students participate in our gardening program that grows, cultivates, harvests and preserves produce for use in our nutrition programming

    • We serve an average of 85 hot meals every evening and nearly 150 healthy snacks each day

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