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Oct 28, 2021
School Day 1
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The Student Commitment

​​Paving the way to one’s future is hard work – and Wayfinders is no exception. We give a lot to our students and expect a lot in return. We have five expectations that if students, staff and volunteers work towards, students will find success more readily: Take Care, Create Safety, Be Respectful, Join In & Challenge Yourself. 

To participate in the program our students commit to:

  • Participation throughout their time in high school

  • 4 hours per month participation in mentorship activities (including goal-setting with your SPSW)

  • 3 hours per week of homework support 

  • 40 hours community service (our kids participate in everything from community cleanups and barbeques to planting neighbourhood gardens and mentoring younger students)

  • Regular attendance at all high school classes and a commitment to their education

Our model is proven – the majority of our graduates go on to post-secondary education.

Of our more than 400 students each year:

  • 90% of Wayfinders Students say they’re confident in their ability to graduate high school

  • 85% of Wayfinders Students participate in mentorship activities year-round, whether class is in session or not

  • 85% of Wayfinders Students are on track for graduation

Approximately 50% of students in Manitoba’s low-income areas drop out in Grade 9 … but we’re helping change that statistic one kid at a time.

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