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Apr 19, 2021
School Day 1
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What We Offer

​Students attend Wayfinders up to five times weekly after school and on many weekends. Here, they work with our team to build study skills, improve their communities and find their passions in a safe environment.

Ultimately, they receive the personal, academic and financial support needed to make successful transitions into post-secondary education.

As part of the program, every Wayfinders student receives:

      • A Student Parent Support Worker who works with them and their family as an advocate at school and the program, encouraging them to achieve their academic and life goals
      • Homework support from a network of subject-specific volunteer experts, who work with them to improve achievement and explore new interests
      • Encouragement to invest in themselves through new life experiences
      • Opportunities to participate in activities that give back to and strengthen their own communities
      • On-site daily food program
      • School supplies
      • Mentorship opportunities and workplace experiences
      • $600 per year towards passion and talent development such as arts lessons, athletic equipment or fees, workshops and camps
      • $1000 held in trust for education/post-secondary expenses after high school graduation

Quality education and extracurricular involvement come at a cost – we work to lessen that load for families who may not otherwise be able to provide such opportunities to their kids.

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