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Sep 27, 2021
School Day 3
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Information for Guardians

Wayfinders aims to make learning and succeeding easier for students. Here's a list of common questions we hear along with the answers we feel best explain what we do.

How do you choose which students and families can participate in Wayfinders?

We invite a variety of students to participate. Our students are new to Canada, involved with Child & Family Services, come from isolated communities and/or whose families meet the low-income requirement. Research has shown that these students would most benefit from a little extra support on their way to academic and personal success.

What is a Student Parent Support Worker?

A Student Parent Support Worker (SPSW) is a program staff member who works alongside students and families, tailoring their Wayfinders experience to their needs and goals. 

Your SPSW can help you make connections with teachers, discuss academic progress, can connect you to other community resources and help your child explore their interests.

What if our family moves?

No matter where you move, your child will always be invited to continue participating in Wayfinders programming.

How does the long-term incentive (bursary money) work?

For each year a student participates in the program and successfully obtains all their high school credits, Wayfinders puts $1000 into a trust for the student to use towards post-secondary education (to a maximum of $4000).

What happens if my child doesn't get all the required credits at the end of a school year?

If your child does not receive their credits within the four-year time frame, the money will be put away until the credits are completed. At that time, you will receive a letter from Wayfinders to let you know the money has been put into trust for your child.

What about the short-term incentives? How do they work?

Short-term incentives are tied to a student's engagement with Wayfinders. Students can earn up to $400/year if they are actively participating in Wayfinders’ programming, academic support and checking-in regularly with their SPSW.