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Apr 19, 2021
School Day 1
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Wayfinders students look to our mentors as community role models – adults interested in introducing kids to their lifelong interest and hobbies, career exploration experiences, professional workplaces and areas of study.

Mentorship is a great fit for busy professionals who can’t commit to a regularly scheduled volunteer position but are still looking to get involved in making an impact for bright, young students.

Mentors must be willing to work with Wayfinders staff to frame and organize mentorship activities for individuals or small groups of students outside the regular school day.

Our mentors share their interests, talk about their careers, host a student at their workplace and are simply ‘there’ when a student needs to talk about their journey – we can tailor mentorship opportunities to your wants and needs.

Contact the Wayfinders Program Office for more information on volunteering at 204-631-5849 ext 3265.

Learn more about how you can get involved: