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950 Jefferson Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, R2P 1W1| Phone: (204) 631-5849| Fax: (204) 927-3705
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​​​​​Our volunteers are vital to student success. They’re passionate and engaging, knowledgeable but also willing to challenge themselves and learn alongside a student.  Our volunteers come with a diversity of experiences. We have everyone from fellow high school students to PhDs supporting our students and with technological support, remote volunteering is an option. Most volunteers commit to one 2-3 hour shift a week.

Short-term career mentorship opportunities are also possible. Want to introduce your workplace to youth or discuss your personal educational journey with a group of students? These experiences are possible and we want this relationship to be meaningful for all involved. Let us know what you’re interests and passions are, we’ll do our best to tailor your experience with us.

Contact the Wayfinders Program Office for more information on volunteering at 204-631-5849 or