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Oct 28, 2021
School Day 1
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Support Wayfinders

Approximately 50 per cent of students in Manitoba’s low-income communities drop out in Grade 9.

We’re working to change that, one kid at a time.

We believe every kid deserves a chance at education, community and a brighter, better future – and you can play a part.

Your one-time or recurring donation, event support or student sponsorship will truly make the difference for our students.

Donations and funding help us ensure every Wayfinders participant receives:

      • A Student Parent Support Worker who works with them and their family as an advocate at school and the program, encouraging them to achieve their academic and life goals
      • Homework support from a network of subject-specific volunteer experts who work with them to improve achievement and explore new interests
      • Encouragement to invest in themselves through new life experiences
      • Opportunities to participate in activities that give back to and strengthen their own communities

Together we can keep providing the encouragement our students need to become contributing community members and high school graduates, then make successful transitions to post-secondary experiences.

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