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Sep 27, 2021
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Cinema as a Witness to Modern History 40S

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Prerequisite required: English 20F
Prerequisite recommended: None


This course considers cinema as a source of information – or misinformation – about the past, and as a
springboard for critical reflection about diverse interpretations of history. Students will engage in a
variety of learning strategies in this course as they

    • Study films from various genres and periods
    • Explore the historical and social context in which the films were created
    • Deconstruct the techniques used to convey the filmmakers’ messages
    • Pose questions about the influence of cinema on their understanding of the past
    • Conduct inquiry into major themes in world history
    • Develop critical media literacy
    • Engage in historical thinking

The course deals with historical developments and themes that have influenced world history since the beginning of the 20th century, including:

    • Ideology and revolution
    • Power and propaganda
    • Imperialism and decolonization
    • Social transformation
    • War and peace
    • Oppression and resistance
    • Environmental impact
    • Technological change