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Arthur E. Wright
Community School
Oct 17, 2021
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​​​​​​A.E. Wright Community School   2020 – 2021 STAFF LIST

Principal Teacher-Anna Mangano   Vice-Principals-Will Burton and Porfiria​ Pedrina
Phone:  204-632-6314      Fax:  204-632-6198  
Immigrant Information Office: 204-632-1716   
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KA/KP​Marites Penano (Mrs.)
Marites has worked in Seven Oaks School Division as a teacher since 2015. Prior to her teaching assignment in Arthur E. Wright School, she worked as a middle school teacher in the Philippines. She is very passionate and commited in maximizing student's performance by inspiring their interests and instilling a sense of self-worth. She certainly believes that every student has natural talents and abilities which can be developed and enhanced.
​KA/KP ​A.M.
Mrs. Turka
Ms. Perillo
​2A A.M.- 

Megan Slobodian/Leslie Saray (Mrs.)​
12 Ms. Morin
​1L/2L Caitlyn Madzik  (Ms.)
Hi! My name is Caitlyn and I have been a teacher in 7 Oaks School Division since 2017. I completed my Bachelor of Education degree and Bachelor of English degree from the University of Winnipeg. I strongly believe in student voice through fostering a safe space that encourages students to share their ideas, ask questions, and celebrate their identity. Outside of being a teacher, I am a soccer coach. I love playing soccer, puzzling, being by the pool (or beach) and spending time with my family and friends.
​1 ​Ms. Morin
​1M/2M Paramjeet Ranouta (Mrs.)
​5 ​Ms. Pogson
1N/2N​ ​Krystin Cullum (Ms.) ​2 ​Mrs. Turka
​1O/2O ​Carmelle Kozak (Ms.)
Carmelle has worked in Seven Oaks School Division as a teacher since 2012. Previously, she was employed as an environmental educator and nature interpreter for a number of non-government and government organizations. Her passion for teaching children about the natural world and making space for them to connect to nature is a constant theme and is what binds her practice and passion for educating.
7 ​Mr. Levere
Cherry Cervantes (Ms.)/​Brina Larsen (Ms.)
​Mr. Levere
1F/2F/3F Ronald Iscala (Mr.)  6​​ ​Mrs. Turka
Rowena Matilla  (Mrs.)
​P2 Portable 2
​Mr. Levere
​3K/4K Mary Constable (Ms.)
Mary Constable is a teacher with seven years of experience covering Early, Middle and High School Years in Manitoba and the U.K. She graduated from The University of Winnipeg in 2014, where she completed a Bachelor of Education and Arts. During her time in university, Mary enjoyed her three years as a volunteer Mentor for Seven Oaks' Bright Futures after-school programming. After graduating university, she took up an opportunity to teach in England as an Early Years teacher and taught there for five years. She returned to Winnipeg in 2019 and has since been teaching at Arthur E. Wright Community School where she enjoys connecting with the children and families in the community. Mary believes that through teaching and education, children can be guided to become individuals who contribute to society and who can make a positive impact in a variety of ways. In her teaching, she uses connections to real-life experiences and events so that the children can apply teachings more effectively and in a practical way. When she is not teaching, she enjoys going for walks, yoga, eating scrumptious food and cooking up new recipes in her kitchen!
​Ms. Perillo
​3L/4L ​Lakhwinder Buttar (Mrs.)
My name is Lakhwinder. I have been a teacher in 7 Seven Oaks School Division since 2017. I was a high school teacher in India for​ 9 years before migrating to Canada. I want to make the difference in the lives of my children through education as they have the power to chahge the world.
​Ms. Pogson
​3M/4M ​Anthony Fiorentino  (Mr.)  4 ​Mr. Levere
​3N/4N ​Daniella Greco (Ms.) 
Daniella has taught at Arthur E. Wright Community School since 2017. She has completed her Bachelor of Education degree and Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Winnipeg. Daniella strives to create rich learning experiences in her classroom that allow her students to think critically, problem solve and empower them to make a difference in our world. Daniella is passionate about creating a safe space in her classroom community where everyone feels they have a voice and develops confidence in their own abilities. In her spare time, you can find Daniella reading, spending time with family and learning recipes from her Nonna (grandmother)!
8 ​Ms. St. Mars
​3O/4O/6P ​Reanna Korade (Mrs.) 
I have been a teacher in 7 Oaks School Division for 7 years. I have a Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Education and degrees in Theatre and English. I am very proud of launching FEM at AEW School this year. FEM stands for Female Empowerment Members; a club that's a platform for educating and empowering our children about the wonderful ways in which women and girls have contributed to making our communities better places. I believe in hands-on and project based learning as a way to give our students voice and choice in thier education. When I'm not living my best life at school, I enjoy being with my daughter and husband at home with our three cats. My favourite place in the world to be is in the woods, camping and listening to the sweet sounds of nature.
​11 ​Mrs. Turka

5K/6K Jennifer Kasprick (Ms.) 
Hi! My name is Jennifer and I have been teaching at Arthur E. Wright Community School for 2 years. Before working in Seven Oaks School Division, I taught overseas in China teaching English as an Addition Language in China for ten years. This experience has taught me the value of differentiating instruction to support children in learning English as an additional language, while still honoring their first language. In my classroom, I enjoy teaching through hands on centers and group learning as a way for students to have an opportunity to share ideas and talk their thinking out. I believe in creating a classroom community where all students feel safe and have a sense of belonging. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, crafting and going on adventures with my dogs. A quote I truly believe in as a teacher : “If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn” -Ignacio Estrada
P1  Portable 1​ ​Mrs. Turka
5L/6L Hannah Obendoerfer (Ms.) 
Hannah has taught in Seven Oaks School Division for 3 years. She completed a Bachelor of Education degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of Manitoba. As an educator, Hannah feels passionate about social justice and creating an equitable, engaging and inclusive experience for her students. She enjoys teaching all subject areas, but has a special love for teaching science. In her spare time, Hannah enjoys creating memories with her family, camping, reading, snowboarding and cycling.
P3 Portable 3
​Ms. St. Mars
5M/6M Cara Argue (Mrs.)
Hi there! My name is Cara and I have been teaching in Seven Oaks Division for 7 incredible years! I have my Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Education and will be a Master’s graduate in the Spring 2021. I am a firm believer of creating healthy relationships with each of my students. We strive to create a sense of belonging in our classroom, while at the same time appreciating our own unique cultural identity. I enjoy teaching all subject areas, especially when we focus on bigger ideas and connections to our world around us. I incorporate mindfulness and active living into everything that I do. As a pastime, I enjoy being at the lake and traveling around the world!
P5 Portable 5 ​Mr. Levere
Max Santiago (Mr.)
Max worked as an assistant computer instructor in a cruise vessel prior to migrating to Canada. He has always been fascinated with technology and Math. He likes capturing smiles from people and you might see him sometimes holding a camera during school events. He completed his Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Education at University of Manitoba. In class, Max knows that students who develop a growth mindset can experience the joy of learning in the midst of challenges. He loves infusing exercise and technology in his class. Max is excited to share his passion for learning! This is his 10th year at Arthur E. Wright Community School. After school, he enjoys spending time with his family and exploring parks and campsites he has never been before. He enjoys keeping in touch with family and friends in the Philippines.
P4 Portable 4​ ​Mrs. Turka
​​Carly Richards (Ms.)
Carly has worked in Seven Oaks School Division for 3 years. Before joining the team at AEW Carly taught overseas in the United Kingdom. She is currently working towards her Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Special Education at the University of Winnipeg. Carly believes in fostering a life long love of learning and providing hands on experiences for her students. She wants to create a safe space in her classroom where her students can have their voices heard and are comfortable to be themselves. Carly is an ally for the 2SLGBTQ+ community and an advocate for people with disabilities. When she's not in her classroom she can be found reading a good book, fishing, baking, watching a rugby match or hanging out with her pet lizard.

Twitter: @MissRichards16
​Ms. Perillo

​Ethan Ross (Mr.)
​Mr. Levere
​Julie Rowluk (Ms.)  
Hello! I am Julie, a proud member of the Seven Oaks School Division since 2019. I was inspired to pursue a career in education after experiencing the joyful atmosphere of my daughter's school. I am grateful to have the opportunity to challenge young minds to think critically about the world around them and to use the power of their individual and collective voices. I am committed to reconciliation through education and understanding, and strive to implement the recommendations put forth by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Outside of the classroom, I love tooling around the prairies with my family in our 1975 Boler.
19 ​Ms. St. Mars
7L/8L  Michelle Dombek (Ms.) 18 Ms. St. Mars
7M/8M Darren Sancartier (Mr.)  14​ ​Ms. Perillo
7N/8N Jasmyne Sidhu (Mrs.) 
Jasmyne has been a teacher with the Seven Oaks School Division since October 2019, prior to that she taugh​t Math and Chemistry at the high school level in Windsor, Ontario. She completed her Bachelor of Mathematics [Honours] and Bachelor of Education at the University of Windsor. Jasmyne is passionate about improving math literacy and creating an inclusive environment for all of her students. In her spare time, Jasmyne enjoys spending time with family and friends and tries to travel as much as possible.
13 ​Ms. Morin
​7O/8O ​Daniel Militano (Mr.) ​17 ​Ms. St. Mars
Principal:            Ms. Anna Mangano ​
Vice Principals:    Mr. Will Burton

​​Will has interest and focused professional learning​ around experiential education, place-based education, project-based learning and ecological literacy.  Through his work as a teacher, Will has sought to engage learners critically in their learning, with an emphasis on democracy and community action work.  He is currently pursuing his PhD at Lakehead University with a research focus around commons education.  

Will has instructional experience in Early Years, High School and Adult Education at the University of Winnipeg. He worked as a Teacher Advisor at Maples Met School since its opening in 2016 until his appointment as Vice Principal at A.E. Wright in January 2021.
Mrs.  Porfiria Pedrina

Porfiria Pedrina, Ed.D., held teaching and administrative positions at St. Michael's College of Laguna, Philippines for 12 years before migrating to Canada in May 2006. In Manitoba, she first worked as a part-time research assistant at the Faculty of Education at the University of Manitoba for two years where she explored the issues faced by Internationally Educated Teachers (IETs) in Manitoba. She then worked as a substitute teacher for three years before gaining a full-time position as a high school teacher at Maples Collegiate from September 2012 until June 2020. She served as Vice-Principal at Ecole Constable Edward Finney School from September to December 2020 and has recently joined A.E. Wright Community School as a Vice-Principal since January 2021. ​

As an educator and community leader, she aspires to make a difference in the lives of many by intentionally living each day with a purpose, passion, and praise to serve as an inspiration to many. She hopes to create a lasting and significant impact to this generation and beyond by being actively involved in many meaningful learning opportunities for students, staff, and the community.

 Support Teachers:                                
Mrs.  Raj Turka
Mr. Aaron Levere
Ms. Kayla Perillo
​Ms. Jane Pogson
Ms. Melissa St. Mars​

Music/Musical Theatre:Mr.  Jordan Laidlaw
Jordan is the early years music educator at A. E. Wright School. As an educator, Jordan is committed to fostering creativity, cultivating a compassionate understanding of the diversities in our community, and believes in learning through play. In addition to his teaching responsibilities, Jordan is also a Ph.D. candidate in Educational Administration at the University of Manitoba, pursuing research on the democratization of educational leadership practice. Jordan also serves on the boards/committees of the Seven Oaks Teachers' Association, the Teacher Led Learning Team at the Manitoba Teachers' Society, the Manitoba Music Educators' Association, and the Winnipeg Classical Guitar Society. He has presented at local and national conferences and was the 2016 recipient of the New Builders Award from the Canadian Music Educator' Association. In his personal time, Jordan loves reading, writing poetry, composing music, exercising, and engaging in home renovations. Every summer, he enjoys canoe trips with his brother and friends and has a profound love and respectful for the natural world. ​​​
Grades K-4
Music Room​
Band/MY Music:  Mr. Dale Thiessen
Grades 5-8​Room #16
Physical Education:   Miss Erin Nieuwenburg​Grades K-4
Physical Education:   Mr. Mike Galenda​
Mike has worked at AEW as a Physical Education specialist since 2013. He completed his Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology and Applied Health) and Bachelor of Education at the University of Winnipeg. Mike loves working with students to develop their motivation, confidence, knowledge and understanding in a variety of physical activities. He encourages sportsmanship, teamwork, and personal growth as an integral part of his physical education programing. From the time Mike was a young child, organized sports and physical activity have been a focal point in his life. He is passionate about passing on his knowledge to others in his physical education classes and while coaching extracurricular activities. Mike has experience working as a skating instructor through the Seven Oaks “Learn to Skate” Program and as an activity coordinator at Seven Oaks “MY Camp” sports and activity camp. Mike’s hobbies include hockey, basketball, cycling, and tennis. He loves to spend his summers on a beach with his family.
Grades 5-8
Community Coordinator: Mr. Dave Mathers​A.E. Wright - OK Before & After room​
EDUCATIONAL ASSISTANTS:​ ​​ Christopher Adriano,  Derrick Manabat-Fewings, Kanwalpreet Chadha, Maria Clemente, Rachel Fitzner, Shanna Godfrey,  Yen Huynh-Slobodian,  Leanne Olafson, Crystal Radocaj, Parminder Rakhra,  Mary Ugay.

​​Administrative Assistants: ​Kathryn Humphreys (Ext. #46000)
Linda Bakowski
 (Ext. #46010)


Library Technician: Mrs. Kanwaljit Dhindsa

Cus​todians:    Nestor Penano, Robert Kudajczyk, Greg Alcarez​

OK Before and After School Program:204-632-5115​​
​Immigrant Teacher Education Program:  ITEP-Ravinder Gill​​​              CATEP E.A.                         
*** ECSS:  Hannah Burkholder (Psychologist), Andrea MacDonald (Social Worker), Hillary Carol (Speech Pathologist), Heather Regula (Physiotherapist), Erin Gamey (Occupational Therapist).