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Collicutt School
Aug 12, 2022
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Our Learning Program

Collicutt School is organized as a multi-age learning environment. With the exception of Kindergarten, all our classes are multi-aged/levelled. In this environment, students are grouped in classrooms of two or three grade levels, and just like one would learn in a family, students work using developmentally appropriate curriculum based on each child’s individual needs and interests. This philosophy recognizes that students learn and develop at different rates, just as they learn to talk, crawl and ride a bike at different rates. Children spend two or more years with the same teacher and the same core group of classmates, with older students exiting at year’s end and new younger students joining each fall term.

More information on multi-age education and curriculum is available on line at:

As is the case in all elementary schools in Seven Oaks, students have three periods of music and three periods of Physical Education each school cycle. Classroom teachers at Collicutt strive to provide quality daily physical education for all students.