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École Constable Edward
Finney School
Oct 17, 2021
No School Today

Patrols are outside as long as the temperature, combined with wind-chill, is warmer than -31C. They will only go out briefly (about 5 minutes) between the temperatures of -27C to -31C. Patrols are asked to be dressed appropriately for the weather when they are on post.


Patrol Schedules: 

Street Patrols:

AM: Arrive at school by 8:10am, at post by 8:15am

PM: Leave class by 2:45pm, at post by 2:55pm


Bus Patrols:

Please be at the bus loop by 2:55pm

Bus patrols help grade 1 students go directly to the buses by 2:55pm


Please find the schedule attached for the patrols until Winter Break 2021.  Calendar for patrols Sept - Dec 2021.pdf