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École Constable Edward
Finney School
Sep 24, 2023
No School Today

We would like to thank the Finney patrols for their hard work and dedication. We would also like to thank families for supporting the Finney patrol program. 

Weather Policy

Patrols are outside as long as the temperature, combined with wind-chill, is warmer than -27C.  Patrols are asked to be dressed appropriately for the weather when they are on post.


Patrol Schedules

There are currently 3 Finney patrol squads. Their schedules are available in the document below.


Street Patrols

AM: Arrive at school by 8:10am, at post by 8:15am

PM: Arrive at meeting spot for 2:50pm


Kinder Patrols

AM- Arrive at your meeting spot for 10:50am

PM- Arrive at your meeting spot for 2:50pm


Bus patrols' schedules depend on bus departure and arrival times.​


Please find the schedule attached up to Spring Break. Patrol Calendar for Families Term2 2023.pdf