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Collège Garden City Collegiate
Apr 21, 2024
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2024 - 2025

Welcome to Collège Garden City Collegiate!

If you are a returning student, welcome back!  If you are new to our school, we welcome you to a caring school community that prides itself on relationships, excellence and resilience.  Whether your interests lie in the arts, social justice, sports or technology, we encourage you to find a place within our school where you can develop your passions and share them with others. If you are not sure how to do this, please do not hesitate to ask a staff member for help.  We are more than willing to support you in any way that we can.

As you progress through high school, please remember that, at times, you might need some additional support, either with your personal life or with your academics.  Please remember that the staff at Collège Garden City Collegiate wants to help.  Whether you confide in a course teacher, an advocacy teacher, or an educational assistant, or whether you share with one of our learning support team members (resource teachers, school counsellors and administrators), it does not matter.   All that you have to do is ask. 

​This said, enjoy an awesome year at Collège Garden City Collegiate. It is going to be a great year!    ​

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