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École Leila
North School
Dec 03, 2022
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Recycling Program
Did you know that Ecole Leila North Community School has an active and sustainable recycling program?
Students and staff work together with Emterra Winnipeg ( ) to efficiently conduct a weekly, school-wide collection of all recyclable materials within the building.  The recycling is picked up by Emterra, and taken to its depot on Henry Ave., where it is sorted and recycled in an environmentally friendly way. 
Emterra’s  goal is to use advanced technology to achieve “zero waste.”  Alongside our school’s active composting program, the weekly recycling collection motivates everyone to take an active role in how waste is disposed in our school. 
Everyone in our school are regularly encouraged to THINK before disposing. 
Is it:       Recyclable?
Waste for the Landfill?
We encourage YOU to also do your part as a community member to always make environmentally-friendly choices.
If you’ve got questions or suggestions about our school’s recycling program, contact the school (204)-694-8071.