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Maples Collegiate
Jan 23, 2020
School Day 1
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Maples Mart Online

Welcome to 'Maples Mart Online'.  Here you will be able to purchase Maples gear to "Live Breathe Maples" pride!

    • Orders are delivered to school within 7-14 days of order. 
    • Payment options are: AMEX, VISA, MC, DEBIT/CREDIT VISA e.g. TD Bank Debit/Credit Card.
    • Order pick up will be available every Friday in the hallway PE office (next to choir room) with Ms. Potter and Athletic Council students, please bring your student card, receipt or some form of I.D to confirm your purchase. 
    • Any comments, questions or concerns should be directed to Ms. Potter, she will be able to help you answer or fix any potential issues.
    • If you would like to provide feedback or potential design ideas please present them formally to Athletic Council.