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Sep 24, 2023
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Mrs. Pereira's K - 3 Phys. Ed.

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Early Years Phys. Ed

                        Welcome to the Early Years ( kindergarten, grade 1, 2, 3 )  Physical Education section of our web page. I will be posting new activities for our youngest students to stay active over our suspension of classes at school. These activities can be kept track of in any note book or piece of paper you may have at home but please don't feel as though you have to keep track of all fitness activities.  The activities are posted so all participants have the opportunity to exercise and move their bodies everyday in order to keep physically fit and mentally healthy.  With any sort of physical activity,  a chemical reaction is triggered in the brain which releases Endorphins.   Endorphins are the chemicals that make us happy.  Any time during the day that physical activity can be added to your schedule, you will be doing yourself a fav​our by helping your mental state of health as well as your physical.  I encourage parents and caregivers to participate each day with your children in all physical activities. Staying strong and healthy is the goal for  all of us. β€‹

If you have any questions pertaining to the activities and workouts that are posted here, please send me an email with your question. Please remember to mention your child's name and which class they are in , in your email . This way I will know how to personalize each  response . I  will be checking my email frequently while classes are suspended and will be answering email daily.  91127897_235783877604822_8552635227690762240_n.jpg

​​Week #1-   The first attachment in the documents section has the first week's workout. Read the directions carefully and please remember the first rule we practice is that of   ​SAFETY.  β€‹ Every activity should be completed in the safest way possible while having fun. 

​​Week #2-​  β€‹ I have downloaded a file with a really long name that I'd like you to try out this week. I wish I could have saved the document with the name "Week 2 Exercises," but for whatever reason I can not figure out how to change the documents name. Instead of worrying about the name, I decided to post it as it is now Tuesday and this workout is for this week.  The document starts with the numbers, 90145477.  Pick 3 exercises to complete each day. Remember to practice safety first and have fun.

​Week# 3- β€‹β€‹    For our third week of exercises, I have uploaded a document titled, Week 3 Exercises.  This document has a number of exercises you pick from to complete whenever is possible (daily exercise is suggested).  Read the directions carefully to learn about, " Warm Ups" and "Cool Downs".  I have also uploaded a document titled,  Week 3 Yoga Poses.  These poses could be used as a "Cool Down" when attempting the Week 3 Exercises, β€‹ but could also be completed whenever you'd like to try them.  Have fun with these work outs but please remember to always be safe when exercising. 

Week#4- β€‹  This week's exercises are in a chart form. Each day of the week, you are to perform the exercise in the letter box that spells the day of the week that you are on.  For example, on Monday, you would perform the exercises in the box for the letters, M..O..N..D..A..Y.  That would be 6 different exercises. Some days of the week have more letters in them then others, so some days you have a few more exercises to do then other days. I've also included Week 4 Yoga Poses to the attachment section below.  Adding these poses to the previous weeks poses will have you familiar with 6 different poses!  This will help with balance and core stability for all future  physical activities. Please remember to be safe  and have fun!

​​Week#5-​  This week's activity is also a spelling activity. You are to perform the exercise beside the corresponding letter in your name. The first day you attempt this activity try to spell your own name but the next time you perform the activity, try spelling someone else's name. Like your brother or sister, mom or dad, or even your pet's name! Remember to perform all exercises safely. Week 5 Yoga Poses β€‹ is also attached to continue working on your strength and flexibility. 

Have fun! 

Week #6- β€‹β€‹  This weeks' activity asks us to use a set of dice or one die for the workout. If you don't have a set of dice at home, you can write the numbers 1 to 12 on pieces of paper and then fold them and pick one at a time to direct you to the exercise that can be attempted.  Don't forget to try this weeks' yoga poses as well.  Have a great week!  Remember, safety is always the number one priority so practice all exercises with control .

​Week #7-​​ This week the activity  uses an exercise called "walking lunges". For this exercise all you need to do is take a step forward while putting your back knee as close to the ground as you can without hitting the ground. Remember to keep your back upright when you step out. Instead of a yoga work out this week I have included an Indoor Scavenger Hunt for you to try. Have fun and stay active!

​Week #8-​ This week's activity can be attempted in many different ways. Each letter of the alphabet has and exercise to go with it. Choose a word a day and perform the exercises that are listed under the letter. You could spell the days of the week, your favourite vegetable or fruit to eat or even your pet's name. Also attached, are this week's Yoga Poses. Add them to the previous weeks poses and you've got a full Yoga workout. Have fun and be safe with all exercises!

Week #9-​​  This week's activity has a Superhero theme! You will  get the chance to train just like your favourite Superhero! I have also attached some more Yoga Poses for you to try.  If you have attempted all the poses assigned, you now should know 20 different poses!  Be ready to show me your favourite poses when we are together again in the gym :) 

Week #10-​​ Instead of repetitive exercise, this week I posted an Outdoor PE Scavenger Hunt for everyone to enjoy.  Take advantage of the beautiful weather and get outside for some fun. Remember to be aware of your surroundings when performing tasks outside.  Safety is number one.

Week #11-​ β€‹For this week's workout, I posted 25 diferent yoga poses. If you try  to perform 5 a day, you can complete all 25 on Friday. Have fun!








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