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123 Red River Boulevard W., Winnipeg, MB, R2V 3X9| Phone: (204) 334-8417| Fax: (204) 334-9031
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Riverbend Community School
Jun 01, 2023
School Day 4
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​Riverbend Community School

École Riverbend Community School Phone:(204) 334-8417


Fax:(204) 334-9031


123 Red River Boulevard W
Winnipeg, MB
R2V 3X9
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Languages:English, Ojibwe

Ross Meacham

Vice Principal: Cheryl Deans​

Located at 123 Red River Boulevard W.,  Riverbend Community School was officially opened October 12, 1995. There are presently 340 children in attendance. Programs are offered at the K to 5 levels in English, K to 5 in Ojibwe Bilingual. Students in the Bilingual program  receive 50% of their school day instruction in the Ojibwe language and 50% of the day in English.