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News Agencies

​​The following is a list of credible news agencies. It is always good to check different agencies for the same story to ensure you are getting all of the information​.

UN News - news provided by the United Nations.

World Press - "News and Views from Around the World"​

The Globe and Mail - a Canadian company.

Maclean's​ - a Canadian agency.

The Canadian Post​ - a Canadian agency.

First Nations Drum - "Canada's Largest First Nations Newspaper."

Grassroots - "Manitoba's Leading Manitoba Newspaper."

APTN News​ - Aboriginal Peoples Television Network's news. 

Winnipeg Free Press - news about Winnipeg.

Winnipeg Sun​ - news about Winnipeg.​

​La Presse ​- news about French Canadians.

BBC - news about all things British.

​CNN - use caution using this source, it isn't credible but it provides a look into other view points.​

CBC​ - slightly more credible than CNN, use caution and look at other sources to verify the information.​