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May 27, 2023
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Fire Drills

We are required by law to have 10 fire drills per year . We instruct students on appropriate behaviour during fire drills. We inform students to always be prepared with appropriate footwear.

In the case of a false alarm, we are required to call the fire departm​ent and must remain outside until everything is checked.


Fire drills have as their purpose the development of system, discipline and control in an emergency.

  1. Once the fire drill procedure has been established at the beginning of each year, drills should always come unexpectedly. The fire alarm must always be obeyed. Reasonably prompt emptying of the school is important, but running should not be permitted.
  2. No person may be excused from taking part in fire drills. This regulation applies to custodians and workmen as well as to pupils and teachers.
  3. Any ring of the fire gong is a fire alarm and must be obeyed.
  4. No person taking part in a fire drill in a school shall be permitted to take with him/her any article of clothing or other possession not on his/her person at the time of the fire alarm.
  5. Teachers check all seminar and prep rooms as well as washrooms to see that they are emptied.
  6. On emerging from the school during fire drill, pupils are to be lined up in classes with their teachers on the school grounds at some distance from the building. Before the recall signal is given, each teacher shall check the class of which he/she at the time is in charge to make sure that no pupil is left in the building.
  7. When a fire alarm is sounded, any child who has left the class for any reason, whether he/she is in the school or on the playground, shall go directly to meet his/her class on the grounds.
  8. Special attention is given to beginning pupils, and to pupils with special needs.
  9. From time to time, a drill shall be conducted as if a normal exit were blocked or during the lunch hour.