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West Kildonan Collegiate
Apr 01, 2023
No School Today

Students from the Gray Academy responded to a recent workshop by sending their responses:

Dear Ms. Tascona
Thank you for coming to our school to show us that great presentation. I will never smoke! Why do you think people sell stuff like that? I learned that there are at least 4000 different thing people put in cigarettes. I also learned that you could get Mercury disease. From Zach G.

Dear Ms.Tascona
Thank you for coming to are school to do the presentation
I learned 11 things that are in cigarettes. I also learned that you can get cancer from smoking.
Why are there so much bad things in cigarettes?
What is the youngest age a person has ever started smoking at? Sincerely, Sari

Dear Ms.Tasona,
Thank you so much for the outstanding presentation!
S.W.A.T definitely convenient me (and my class) never ever to smoke! Especially when you showed us what was in it, gross! I can believe that some people actually smoke. I understand how much work you put in and I really appreciate it. My favourite part was when we had to breath though straws.
Its hard to believe that people with emphysema have to breath like that even when their lying on the couch.
Can animals get emphysema? Thanks again, Sami

Dear Ms. Tascona,
Thank you for coming to our school and setting an example for us not to smoke. It was really cool how you guys figured out what is in the cigarette.
I learned so much like, that you can get throat cancer and emphysema and I'm sure there is more.
I also learned that tar, mercury, butt cream, ammonia and rat poison are all included with the tobacco smoke.
With all that in there, Why isn't smoking just illegal to sell and do? I have always thought that because isn’t it also like doing drugs, selling and making drugs?
It was all awesome, thank you for coming. Fondly, Melissa

Dear Ms.Tascona,
Thank you very much for the presentation. It was absolutely fabulous! I had no idea how many chemicals there actually were in cigarettes! Even with the just the 11 chemicals, it looked gross. I was wondering if you ever did a presentation to high school kids. Also, how long did it take you to get your presentation. It must have taken a while. If cigarettes are bad for you, shouldn't they stop selling them? Do you think that the people you presented to will ever smoke? I highly doubt it! I hope you guys will be listened to. Again thank you for everything, and I can guarantee you that no one in our class will ever smoke!
Sincerely, Camila

Dear Ms.Tascona,
Thank you very much for then great presentation!
I will never smoke because of that presentation!!!!!!!!!!!!
I learned that the tobacco company’s put arsenic in their cigarettes.
I also learned they put tar in their cigarettes.
What are the effects of second hand smoke?
Thanks again Sincerely, Jarod

Students from Balmoral Hall School wrote poems.

1st breath.
1st giggle.
1st birthday.
1st step.
1st book.
1st day of school.
1st friend.
1st A+.
1st detention.
1st day of middle school.
1st English report.
1st day of high school.
1st boyfriend.
1st smoke.
1st pack.
1st lighter.
10th pack.
11th lighter.
15th cigar.
1st asthma attack.
25th pack.
80th smoke.
Lost Count.

by Rainah

Black Shadows by Kaitlyn
It creeps in on him at night
He's out of breath
The only sound is his forced inhale
His relieved exhale
Over and over.

His heart is pounding.
The black shadows are coming.
They want to take him away.
Will he give in?

The moonlight,
It pours in on his face.
Does he dare look away?
Are the black shadows,
Finally beginning to scare him?