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30 Maberley Road, Winnipeg, MB, R2P 0E2| Phone: (204) 633-5641| Fax: (204) 633-7168
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Elwick Community School
Seven Oaks School Division
About Elwick

​​Elwick Community School could just possibly be the happiest, most caring place you could send your child to learn.

Building respectful and lasting relationships with our children and families is at the heart of everything we do and the Elwick Staff have huge hearts ! We really care about the well-being of each student and believe in the potential of your child.

Love, Respect, Courage, Honesty, Humility, Wisdom and Truth are the Seven Teachings that we value. We believe that these teachings are the foundation in which one conducts their daily life.  They may also be described as a code of ethics, values/morals, principles and a way of life.  They are teachings and stories that are meant to help us live in harmony with ourselves, the people around us and the environment. 

We passionately strive to meet the learning needs of each child in our care. The school is a happy place for your child to come. When a child’s individual needs are being met, they can participate in learning and are engaged in allthat school has to offer. We believe learning should be fun, challenging and ongoing.

Healthy bodies are just as important as active minds! We enjoy being physical everyday so that we can be our best. Good nutrition and eating a healthy breakfast at the Breakfast program is a super start to any child’s day!

Elwi​ck ​Community School is a community school is every sense of the word! We have programs for all ages, where children are welcomed from birth into the Elwick School community.
Our school is open seven days a week with many exciting programs being offered after school every day. EDGE, Keeping Balance and the Elwick Village Centre are just a few.​​

Community really does begin right here at Elwick Community School!