To all parents of 2024 GCC graduates,

The committee comprised of volunteer parents and staff have been working to ensure that our children (grads) have the best grad ever with moderate cost.

We are inviting parents to get involved to make this a successful event. We have organized a meeting and are calling on all parents to join us so that we can plan out our children's safe grad. It will take many of us to participate to make this a very special event.

This meeting will also inform all parents of the efforts of this small committee as well as our success.

Please join us to make this special day in our children's lives a memorable and safe one.

Hope we can fill the Library!


Event:  Grad Parent Meeting

Meeting Date:  Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2024

Time:  7:00 PM

Location:  Garden City Collegiate – Library

Agenda will be available at the meeting.

SAFE GRAD™ is a plan to organize an enjoyable but accident and incident free graduation celebration. The purpose of a SAFE GRAD™ program is to eliminate accidents, death and misfortune by promoting safe practices among young persons so as not to experience difficulty with alcohol and drugs. That safe celebration, known as SAFE GRAD™, is now widely accepted and is an integral part of graduation in nearly all Manitoba high schools.​ 

All the forms you require are located at the back of the SAFE GRAD™ booklet. Please note that processing time is required, so please do not leave it to the last few weeks before your grad. Forms are also available online at  under SAFE GRAD™.