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Collège Garden City Collegiate
Jun 17, 2024
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Parent Connect is a website that allows parents access to their children's school information.  It is also username and password protected.  Parent Connect allows parent/guardians to access:

  • Student schedule – print or view;
  • Attendance  
  • Report cards – print or view (Folder Tab);
  • History of grade marks/transcripts for all previous years' final marks;
  • Demographics – view and update personal information such as workplace, workplace phone numbers, cell numbers, emergency contact, email addresses;
  • School calendar;
  • Bussing Information;
  • Change your password;
  • Book Parent Teacher/Student Appointments;
  • Student fees owing;
  • Message teachers and/or the office;
  • Web Form Responses (Form Tab).


    To access Parent Connect for the first time you will need:
  • A valid email address registered with the school. If you don't have one, please contact the office;
  • Password – If you do not have or remember your password, select “Forgot my Password" and it will be emailed to    you at the email address you have provided to the school.


    How to access Parent Connect:
  • Click on Parent Connect (using email address is recommended);
  • Input email address and password.


     What you CANNOT do on Parent Connect:
  • Change address and home phone number – please contact the school office
  • View student test/assignment marks
  • Access Teacher Webs – you may access Teacher Web Pages from the Garden City Collegiate Web Page


     Please call the office at 204-339-2058 if you require assistance.




    Student Connect is an online service that allows students to view school related information such as report cards, schedules, and transcripts.  Please see your advocacy teacher to initialize your account.