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1330 Jefferson Ave., Room 234 (Second Floor, Seaford Wing), Winnipeg, MB, R2P 1L3| Phone: 204.632.6641|
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Maples Met School
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Jan 25, 2022
School Day 5
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Staff Directory


Ben Carr


Phone: 204-632-6641  ext. 67001

Ben Carr is the Principal of the Maples Met High School in Winnipeg - a Big Picture Learning School that takes a unique approach to education, by centering learning around the student's interests. 

Prior to taking over this new role in January 2019, Ben was a Divisional Principal at the Board Office in Seven Oaks School Division, working on post-secondary programming within Seven Oaks, as well as community engagement initiatives around Indigenous education and support for families and community members living with challenging socioeconomic situations.

From 2016-2018, Ben served as the Director of Parliamentary Affairs to the Minister of Canadian Heritage in Ottawa. He has spent several years working within government at the Federal level.

Before getting back into Government in 2016, Ben was a teacher at Kelvin High School and Head Coach of the Junior Varsity Football Team.

Ben is a big animal lover, and enjoys travel, sports, and music, in particular, his musical hero, Paul Simon, who he has seen around the world 15 times.



Brian Clement


Grade 11 Advisor

Areas of interest and research: Brian loves Mathematics and technology. He loves tweaking the experiences he creates for learners and sharing his excitement about Math. Brian is also a huge believer in reflection and sees this practice as means for continuous and rigorous learning. 

Emma Gehrs-Whyteemma5x70001.jpg

Grade 12 Advisor

Areas of research and interest: Emma is a recent graduate of the Université de Saint-Boniface. She loves to discuss big questions and ideas, and delights in exploring life in all its complexities through the lenses of mathematics, science, language, literature and musical theatre. She also enjoys connecting with nature, riding her bicycle in all seasons and swimming, hiking and paddling as much as possible. Emma places a high value on building and maintaining strong community relationships and is very much looking forward to sharing the adventure of her first year at the Maples Met School with the students in her advisory.


Sara GermainSara Germain.jpgGrade 10 Advisor

Areas of interest and research: Sara's passion lies in examining the natural world and the big questions that arise from this practice. Her research interests currently focus on designing authentic learning experiences expressed through projects, field trips and classroom community learning that ignite student passion and rigour.  Sara also loves leg wrestling and up for a challenge anytime, anywhere.
Jason NeufeldIMG_4083.JPG

Grade 9 Advisor

Area of interest and research: Jason's educational interests center upon empowering youth to interpret the world around them and create meaningful social change.  At Maples Met he works toward these larger goals by fostering an appreciation for the exchange of ideas through debate, text, and new media.  He is currently working with a group of students from Maples Met to conduct oral history interviews with members of the Maples community and create a public display that captures the diversity and distinctive quality of our neighbourhood.  His research and academic background have focused on the histories of Indigenous-settler relations, histories of social change, and global political economy.  In his free time, Jason enjoys poking ant hills, playing in the dirt, and collecting interesting-looking sticks and rocks with his daughter.  He also reads an embarrassing amount of mediocre science fiction, fancies himself a competent cook, gets way too worked up about the Jets, makes puns that elicit eye rolls from students and family members alike, and enjoys table-top gaming more than an adult probably should.


Jessica Robinsonjessica pic.jpg

Grade 10 Advisor

Areas of interest and research: Jessica is passionate about reading and writing. She is an avid reader herself and loves challenging students to become lifelong readers themselves. One of her favourite books of all time is “A Little Life" because the character changed the way she sees the world. She believes that you shouldn't leave a book the same way you entered it.

She is a huge advocate for writing as a form of communication and empowering students to use their own voices while being driven by choice. She writes alongside her students; her most recent contribution being to the Seven Oaks School Division student/teacher collaborative publication, “Going Viral." Inquiry has become a large focus in her career, and she hopes to provide students with the ability to ask open-ended questions, develop projects that demonstrate synthesis and become lifelong learners.


Clay Schellerclay.jpgGrade 11 Advisor


Clay hails from Winnipeg, Manitoba. A graduate of River East Collegiate he took time after graduation to move to Nanaimo, BC where he played football for 3 years before coming home to start his path towards becoming a teacher at the University of Manitoba. 

His time competing in the CJFL and USPORTS leagues have developed a lifelong passion for being active. Clay is often at his most comfortable when he's a little out of breath. He also loves to spend an evening crafting with his friends - Warcraft, Starcraft, and Minecraft to be precise. Clay loves the outdoors and can be found tinkering in his garden, riding his bike, or sitting on a chair in the woods (also known as camping) during the warmer months. If you get to know him you'll eventually talk about the most delicious thing you've grilled lately as Clay is always stoked to talk about a good meal.

As a new advisor at Maples MET School, Clay spends a lot of his evenings reading about different ways he can be more effective at designing learning experiences, developing classroom
community, and delivering effective feedback for his students. In addition, Clay has a keen interest in developing learners' ability to think mathematically, even in situations that aren't obviously about math.

Clay believes in having realistic expectations and holding yourself to a high standard while trying to find joy in whatever it is that you're doing. He hopes to be someone that his students look back on and remember one day.

Luke Taronno

Sopear Chhin.jpg ​

Grade 12 Advisor

Areas of interest and research: My name is Luke Taronno; I am a Met advisor and a graduate of the Industrial Arts Teacher Education Program. I love my role as an advisor and enjoy working at such a great place like The Maples Met School. I am in charge of the Maples Met Fabrication Lab and with my background in industrial arts the shop has been running smoothly and without any major injuries to report. I am passionate about building relationships and figuring out what makes people tick. With our dedicated group of advisors, I know this upcoming year will be great! I am ready to work, I want to learn, and I am going to have fun while I do it.

Maribeth Tabanera


Internship Coordinator

“Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and world better than you found it." - Marian Wright Edelman Hello! My name is Maribeth and I am the Internship Coordinator at the Seven Oaks Met School and Maples Met School. I am a proud Filipinx-Canadian educator and artist. I was born and raised in the North End community of Treaty 1 Territory (Winnipeg). I attended Tec Voc High School and completed a vocational diploma in Graphic Design. I hold a Bachelors of Art (University of Winnipeg, 2010), Industrial Arts/Technology Teacher Education Diploma (Red River College, 2012), and Bachelors of Education (University of Winnipeg, 2013). I have worked in the Seven Oaks School Division since 2013. In the past I have taught Graphic Design, Art, Drafting, Electronics, Woodworking, Theatre Technology, and Career Development. Since 2017, I have been working with the students and staff at Seven Oaks Met and Maple Met School. My main role is to help students find learning opportunities to develop their skills towards their desired career path.

In parallel to my academic pursuits, I have over 20 years of movement experience, in street style dance genres and choreography. I began my dance training at the age of 8 with Magadaragat Inc., a Filipino folk dance group. From 2006 - 2013 I was a member of Define Movement, one of Winnipeg's premiere hip hop dance crews. In 2015, I represented Winnipeg with Project Company at the Canadian Hip Hop Championships in Montreal, and Canada at Hip Hop International in San Diego.   I am currently an assistant choreographer of B.O.S.S. Dance Team and treasurer of the Manitoba Association of Dance Educators. I am an active member of the international street styles dance battle community as a competitor and organizer. Never one to stop learning, I graduated from Mama Cutsworth's DJ Academy for All Women and Non-Binary Folks on April 2018 and since then have enjoyed playing my favourite tracks at events all over Winnipeg. I am currently a resident DJ with Queer People of Colour Winnipeg and Synonym Art Consultation.

I have had the privilege of pursuing the activities I am most passionate about. My life's work is dedicated to providing all students with the same opportunity, in hopes of helping students find their version of success.