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1330 Jefferson Ave., Room 234 (Second Floor, Seaford Wing), Winnipeg, MB, R2P 1L3| Phone: 204.632.6641|
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May 28, 2024
School Day 5
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Application Information

​What is the Application Process?

What do I do with the completed application package?

Please submit your completed applications forms, letters and a copy of a recent report card to:

Ben​ Carr, Principal
Maples Met School 
1330 Jefferson Avenue, Winnipeg MB   R2P 1L3

You may also submit your application to your child's Middle Years teacher, who can forward it to the Maples Met School through our divisional courier.

What is the deadline for application?

The yearly deadline will vary. Please contact the school for deadline date.

If I get my application sooner, will I have a better chance of getting in?


What if my application is late? Can I still get in?

Possibly. It depends on whether or not spaces are still available.

What are the criteria for acceptance?

The Maples Met School welcomes applications from students in Seven Oaks School Division. Students are selected based on the submission of a complete application and each student who applies has an equal chance of being accepted. Our mandate is to support Seven Oaks students first, if spaces are available, we may also accept students from outside our division. Students from other divisions who have significant academic or behavioral challenges may not be accepted.

What should we write in our student and parent letters?

The student submission and parent/adult letter or short essay is an invitation to share your perspectives on your own learning or on the learning of your child. Parents/adults and students may want to reflect on past learning experiences including accomplishments and challenges. You may also share some goals for high school and perhaps write about the student's interests and passions. Both parents and students may choose to write about reasons for wanting to attend the Maples Met School.

What is the student submission?

Students are asked to submit the best thing they've ever made, created, or performed. The format may include: video, photos, web-link, USB, or any written form, etc.

When will we know if we're accepted?

The acceptance date varies from year to year.

What happens when we are accepted?

You will receive a letter from Maples Met with some informational materials. As well, Maples Met will be in contact with you to provide additional information.

What if we're not accepted?

You'll be informed by a letter or phone call. Students who are not accepted will need to be registered at their catchment school.

Won't that be too late to register at my catchment school?

Some families apply to both the Maples Met School and to their catchment school. If they are not accepted at the Maples Met School, their application has already been submitted to the catchment school.

Will there be a waiting list?

Yes, if the demand is strong, we will move to a waiting list. Families on the list will be informed.

If we're accepted, when do we find out what class my child is in?

Maples Met School families receive a mail-out in late August that includes information on classroom placements, school calendar dates, first week of school details etc.

Does my child have to re-apply for the Maples Met School every year?

No, a student only needs to be accepted into Maples Met School once – that acceptance is for all their high school years.

If my older child is in Maples Met School, will my younger child be accepted too?

Seven Oaks School Division believes in keeping families together. As such, if an older child is in the Maples Met School and a younger sibling applies, every effort will be made to accept that student.

Is it possible to withdraw from the Maples Met School?

Yes, although families need to make a commitment of at least one school year. When students start in the Maples Met School, it is significantly different from a regular high school experience – it takes time to transition into a cross-curricular, flexible schedule, advisory centered and community connected program. It comes with challenges students may not have faced before. That is why this decision you're making now is important.

The Maples Met School is a non-semester program (Maples Met School courses run from Sept. to June). Students who withdraw during the school year may, as with many high school transfers, have difficulty moving into programs that are semestered or into ones that offer fewer course options. Students may not be able to be scheduled for all courses and may forfeit a number of credits. Sometimes high schools will not accept students partway through a year or a semester. Students who withdraw will be directed to their catchment school. That is why this decision you're making now is important.