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1330 Jefferson Ave., Room 234 (Second Floor, Seaford Wing), Winnipeg, MB, R2P 1L3| Phone: 204.632.6641|
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Maples Met School
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May 28, 2024
School Day 5
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Miscellaneous Information

Can Maples Met School students take a school bus to school?

Yes. Maples Met School students can apply for divisional transportation (a school bus). Application forms are available in any Seven Oaks school office and are also available online.

Seven Oaks school bus fees apply to Maples Met School students. Application deadline is in April.

** Alternatively, some parents opt to purchase a Winnipeg Transit bus pass as it can be used for transportation to their internships.

Do our children get lockers?

Yes, Maples Met School students are assigned lockers in September.

Does the Maples Met School follow the same schedule as Maples Collegiate?

We have the same:

  • Start and end times each day
  • Lunch Break