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Jun 19, 2024
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Academic Program and Assessment

What is the Academic Program & Assessment?

How do students graduate in the Maples Met School?

Every student in Manitoba must meet the provincial criteria to graduate. Students take the provincially mandated "required courses" (core courses) and "electives" to attain a Manitoba High School Diploma. Maples Met School students take the same core courses and choose from the same electives as every other student in the province and are accountable to the same curricular outcomes.

What is an Exhibition?

An Exhibition is when a student presents their work to their peers and their parents and guardians and families. It is similar to an oral exam. Three times a year, each student presents his/her work, outlining his/her projects, book reports, skills learned through workshops and through internships. Exhibitions are usually scheduled during the school day and are arranged to enable parents and families to attend. Mentors are also invited.

What is a Learning Plan meeting?

After a student's Exhibition, the student, parent and advisor meet together to discuss the academic successes of the student, the challenges of work still to be completed and to plan ahead for the coming months. A Learning Plan is completed that guides the student's academic goals for the next academic period.

What if my child fails a course?

As with any high school program, students are accountable for the work they complete and need to demonstrate achievement according to provincial standards. If a student's their final mark is less than 50%, no credit will be granted for that course. If it is a required course (compulsory for graduation), the student and family will be advised so the student can make up the credit in a summer school program. Seven Oaks School Division operates a summer school program each year in July, offering the core courses at each grade level. If your child fails an elective course (not required for graduation), no credit will be granted. Summer school programs typically focus on core courses few electives offered. ​

Do Grade 12 Maples Met School students write the Grade 12 Provincial Standards Tests in both Math and English?

Yes. Our students write the required English and Math Standards Exams. These exams are the same for every student in Manitoba.

How will I know how my child is doing?

Your child`s advisor will be in regular communication with you. Advisors often call home to plan informational interviews or to inform parents about internship possibilities. Each step of the way, parents and teachers are in frequent contact about how each student is doing in school. Your child will also present their learning three times a year in an Exhibition (oral exam). Maples Met School students also receive a provincial reports card in November, February, April and June. Included in the report card are and a narrative assessment outlining the student's accomplishments and goals and a percentage grade for each subject.