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Oct 13, 2019
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Maples Collegiate Courses

​What about Maples Collegiate Courses?

Maples Met School students take most (if not all) of their courses through the Maples Met School.

This includes the required core courses:

English, Math, Sciences, Social Studies, Phys. Ed.

Maples Met School students also take these required elective credits:

  1. Career Development Exploration: Internship Preparation and Success
  2. Reading is Thinking: Student Projects and Independent Learning
  3. Gateway (Gr. 10): Exhibitions and Public Speaking

Other elective credits through the Maples Met School may include:

Art, Graphics, Foods, ICT (Information, Communication and Technology), Family Studies, Video Production, Multimedia, Computer Science, Accounting, Digital Pictures, Web Design, etc.

Some students may also choose to take up to two courses per year through Maples Collegiate. All other core & electives are earned through the Maples Met school.

What Maples courses are available?

​Grade 9​Grade 10​Grade 11​Grade 12














If we don't choose our Maples Collegiate courses now, when do we do that?

When you are accepted to the Maples Met School in April, you will indicate what Maples courses you are interested in taking.

For example; my child wants to earn an Art credit…

For Maples Met School electives, students start the school year in September with an Interest Exploration and one-on-one discussions with their teacher. Elective credits are then determined according to the student's interests. Students earn the same kinds of elective credits as a Maples Collegiate student. They complete the credit through teacher-led instruction, workshops, research papers, school-based projects and Internship projects designed to meet curricular requirements.

How do Maples Met School students get grades and credit for their Maples Collegiate courses?

The Maples Collegiate teacher assesses all the students in his or her class. Maples Collegiate teachers enter marks for the courses and those marks are reported in the Maples School report card and on the transcripts.

Will my child fall behind if they're taking 1 or 2 Maples courses?

No. Students who are taking a Maples Collegiate course gain credit in that course and therefore have one less credit to complete through their Maples Met School program. As well, each of the Maples Collegiate courses our students take will be, as much as possible, carefully scheduled to allow for minimal disruption of the Maples Met School schedule. This is dependent on the availability of Maples Collegiate courses and the particular course loads our students choose.

Will their Maples Collegiate courses get in the way of their Internship placement?

Not necessarily. Maples Collegiate courses will, where possible, be scheduled into first semester while Maples Met School students are working to secure an internship. When a student has both an Internship placement and a Maples Collegiate course, their first obligation is to their Maples Collegiate course. Sometimes, to accommodate this, arrangements are made for students to arrive at their Internship later in the day or to return to Maples Collegiate in time to attend a class at the end of the day.