Forest Park School Nutrition Health Plan

Forest Park School is continuing to build a nutritional/health plan based on the year to year needs of the changing demographics of the community.  We support the beliefs stated in the Seven Oaks School Division's nutrition Policy IGAE ( and will make every effort to assist all students to acquire the knowledge, skills and experiences necessary to make nutritious and enjoyable food choices.  We believe good nutrition is vital to the mental and physical health of each student and his/her potential for learning.  Good nutrition along with daily physical activity is vital to healthy development and to long term health.  We also believe that the school along with parent, guardians and the community, must work together to instil positive attitudes toward nutrition and lifelong healthy eating habits.  To this end, Forest Park School embraces the Balanced School Day.  We are committed to using the Manitoba School Nutrition Handbook and our Manitoba Health Curriculum as references for the actions we take to promote our beliefs.

Additional Points:

  • Fundraising in the school will not rely on the sale of non-nutritious foods.
  • Our school will strive to reduce food packaging waste.
  • Our Breakfast Program will rely whole grain products, fruits, vegetables and dairy products.
  • Parents will be encouraged to send reusable cutlery/dishes from home with lunches/snacks.
  • We will continue to promote active living choices throughout the school year.
  • Our school is a nut- and fish-aware school.