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Apr 21, 2024
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It is an absolute honour to be bestowed with the position of music educator at Forest Park Community School. Every child has his/her own unique talents, interests, and creative ideas that are worth sharing with the school community. Music is a unique art form; it is a medium for individuals to express themselves creatively; a medium to learn about and appreciate another culture's history and practices; and is a medium to cultivate community among students, staff, and families. The following are a few of the many goals of our school music education program:

Fostering Creativity through Music - Every student should be invited the opportunity to express their individualism. Learning experiences through improvisation, composition, arranging, and song-writing are a few ways that students may grow creatively. Via the creative process: students will learn critical thinking skills, establish a heightened appreciation of music-making, and develop a mode for personal artistic expression.

Appreciating Cultures through Music - Music-making is an intrinsic human quality; every culture has its own traditions and practices in music. We are so fortunate to live in such a culturally diverse nation and have the opportunity to learn about, appreciate, and practice the music of cultures from all around the world.  

Building Community through Music - Whether through singing, playing, dancing, or performing, students are given the chance to make music together. Students will establish feelings of mutual respect, work as a team, and are constantly elated to share music with the community.

Life-Long Learning through Music - Lastly, it is hoped that all students discover their personal musical interests and pursue them fervently beyond the classroom. Whether it is through singing, dancing, rapping, playing instruments, creating on computers, listening … students are encouraged to investigate such interests and to share such talents with their peers and mentors.