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Resistance on the Giimooch - Teacher Resource

September 25, 2023

We are pleased to share an amazing and comprehensive curriculum resource that Seven Oaks School Division and Manitoba Teachers Society created.  

Resistance on the Giimooch – Teacher Guide

This impactful work is based on the Life Story of Elder Mary Courchene during her time in Residential Schools that channels her story of truth, resistance, healing and the reclamation of identity, language, culture and community for herself and her family.   We are incredibly proud of this work and are excited to share it with everyone.

We see this curriculum as a living document to be used throughout the school year to help students (and staff) better understand the impacts of Residential Schools.  The hope is for classrooms to engage in multiple lessons over a period of time, versus the one-day event to honour Orange Shirt Day.  The curriculum is for middle and senior years level but many pieces can be used and adapted for early years.  Elder Mary's story is one of resistance, healing and love.  Her truth is a gift to all that will both preserve her story and honour her life's work as an educator and elder who has always so generously shared her story so that children, youth and adults can learn truth and walk the path of reconciliation.  We recognize how impactful it will be for all schools across Manitoba and Canada, to have a resource such as this one, Resistance on the Giimooch (Giimooch in Anishinaabemowin means in secret).​

Resistance on the GIIMOOCH