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Collège Garden City Collegiate
Apr 21, 2024
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​Grade 9 Course - The Grade 9 course focuses on confidence and team building skills, theatrical terms, basic stage skills, introduction to script work and improvisational skills. Students learn scenes and respond to others for the final performance exam.

Grade 10 Course - The Grade 10 course builds on previously learned concepts and further delves into story writing through radio plays, mime/movement and adaptation. Grade 10 students learn a full play as a class and present and respond to others for a final performance exam.

Grade 11 Course - The Grade 11 course continues to build on previously learned concepts as well as explores new theatrical concepts such as sketch comedy, theatre of the absurd, an introduction to Shakespeare, an introduction to mask work, and the adaptation of a one-person-show to a full cast. Students will learn and present an entire play for the final performance exam.

Grade 12 Course - With a strong foundation of stage, improvisation and other dramatic forms, students will delve further into writing for the stage through monologues, scenes and short plays; they will explore Commedia del'arte, adaptation, theatre for the real world and different schools of theatre. Students will learn, present and respond to a play for their final performance exam.
All courses build upon skills learned in previous years. Please note some additional rehearsal outside of the regular schedule may be required.